Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy & Worrying day~

Busy & Worrying day~

its been a very busy day at work! as today is he last day of the mth..therefore haf to rush many mthend thingy..worked OT again today and upon reaching home..daddy told me a worrying news...Muffin vomited in the afternoon while daddy was playing with him~ and its greenish~ me worried sick~ and i had to keep checking on him..went to online forums to check his condition out..and thank god some of them mentioned its normal among puppies to haf indigestion and vomit biles..phew...but still i guess i better monitor and see how he is for the next few days..=)

and ytd after work, went to Somerset MRT to meet Ivy to get a collar and some clothes for Muffin! hehe..Thanks sweets! =D after which rushed home and rushed out to meet Baby..Poor baby keep having ulcers and is feeling heaty...therefore gotten him Cooling water from the herbal shops for him..and i heard from mummy tt Muffin kept crying after i left home~ *heartpain* guess he's really too attached to me..and they had to try play with him to distract him..but he still seem kinda moodless...and at night i told mummy to slp with him in my room as he always slps with me in my room..and wouldnt get use to slping in his playpen i didnt want mummy to slp on the uncomfy sofa..wouldnt be gd for her back~ but turn out muffin still couldnt slp..keep walking ard the room and even poo in my room which nv ever happen before since day 1 that he slp with me ya..faints~ seems like he purposely wanna show tantrum~
anyway below are some picts of Muffin taken just now while i was trying some of the clothes on him!

i think muffin looks super adorable in this top..and it kinda fit and suits him well ya..hehe!
Muffin in a orange and blue stripped polo-tee~
Muffin in a kinda over-sized denim vest! too big til he walk walk walk and it slipped off~ haha~

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