Wednesday, June 11, 2008

lil muffin is a lil rascal in disguise~

lil muffin is a lil rascal in disguise~ mentioned..lil muffin is really a lil rascal..but yet its sucha darling.. he's currently slping next to my feet as i blog far..he's quite naughty and playful..but yet adorable and very affectionate..becuz of n mummy have took turns to slp in the living room to accompany he keeps whining at night when there aint anyone around..but when we slp next to him...he'll slp very soundly til morning...and in the morning without fail he is our alarm clock! ard 5+ to 6+ in the morning he will wake up and start barking to gain our attention..feed it and play with it for awhile before we go to work while leaving it at home with daddy.. so far its been quite sweet..and he does respond and comes over when i call for it.. and he has made some progress...for once he knows how to walk back to his spot to pee...but shortly after we award him...he poos on the that he will be paper trained soon! =) anyway i'll let the picts do the talking for now...kinda tired..and im gonna go slp soon...

lil muffin drinking water..
lil muffin in his lil bed!
running over to my bro whose trying to tk a pict of him!
my lil darling loves me too! =p
random picts!
tts my bro with muffin
finally, my little darling muffin and me! =)

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