Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy 11mths to my Baby and me!

Happy 11mths to my Baby and me!

friday night after work, went home to prep and played with Muffin before Baby came to pick me up and we went to Changi Village for dinner..after dinner, went home and rested and watched a couple of we were both very tired, we knocked out soon after the second show ended.

, woke up and had our brkfast, after which went with Baby and his daddy to Raffles Medical Hospital for an appointment...and his dad send me to school after which...after my tutorials..i went down to Bugis to meet Linda and Simin, to purchase a skirt...and went to Mos burger to get Teriyaki chicken burger for baby and a cup of my fave Ice Milk tea to drink while awaiting for Baby to come pick me up...after which he send me home to get my dress and some stuff, and played with Muffin for awhile before we left to go home..upon reaching his place ate a little and we prep and went to Amara hotel as it was Cheryl and Robin's ROM day..Congrats to both of u! =) after which they went for supper and we went home after that..

Baby and me before going to Amara Hotel
Baby and Me in the Hotel Room
Baby and Jenson with their rides!

today, woke up very early and we went to my place for breakfast below my block before coming up to pick Muffin up to go over to his bro's place to socialise with Happy, his bro's doggy and all his other cats...and we bathed Muffin and had him nicely brushed...after which Baby send me and Muffin home...and i went to KAP to meet my study group to study..anyway...Happy Fathers day to all fathers out there..and especially to my Daddy! =)

as for'll be Monday Blues! its the start of a new wk again...=( but anyway its also a happy day for me as its the 11mths of me and Baby..hees`..*hugs*

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