Thursday, June 19, 2008

a Big mess!

a Big mess!

look at the huge mess my lil precious one made while i aint at home! faints~ i was shocked to see it when i got home after having dinner at BoonKeng's Boon tong kee with Baby.. and look at that angelic face he gave when i took this shot!

i really cant imagine how that little thing could mess up something so big! haa! i would say...Fantastic!..haha! apparently...daddy wasnt home..and my bro was too busy studying that no one played with it the whole i guess Muffin got frustrated and started tearing things up...thank god we didnt let it out alone..else i cant imagine how my house would look like when i get home! daddy was so angry when he got home that he just left him there with it til i get home to clean Muffin up first before he cleared the mess.. LOL..and when he saw me...he got really excited and gave a very angelic look that i just cant get angry with him.. he's just so adorable!! *faints*

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