Wednesday, April 9, 2008

yawns ^o^

yawns ^o^

been so busy and tired lately tt i didnt update on my wkend..haa`.. last friday after work, baby came to pick me up..went back for dinner and rested early as we were both pretty worn out from our busy day at work..

last saturday, wake up and rotted at home...after tt send his mum to his sis's place..and we went to ECP..went to the roller blade shop called Hyper to get his blades fixed..after tt we went back to rest before going to Bedok mrt station to pick 2 of his colleagues up and we head down to ECP again to meet some others of his colleagues for roller blading session~ weee~ roller blading is fun~ just tt im still not really gd at it...but i feel theres abit of improvement compared to previous few sessions..hee`...bladed from 4+ til night...after tt went home to rest before going down to meet Adrian, Ansley, Phyllis and Dilwyn for supper at serangoon...went home after that to rest before going out again to pick his dad up...was so tired after tt! faints`...

after blading~ group shot at ECP McDonalds! =)

last sunday, woke up and we went to Cristofori to check out on my im plannig to get one..end up browse ard and couldnt make up my we left and went to Bugis to get the skin for his new hp...had our Brunch at Fish & Co.! yummy~ order the seafood platter for two~ but as we were both not very big eaters..we end up eating less then half the portion! and had to take away...LOL shopped ard for awhile while waiting for his hp to be done...and i bought a new top and wallet from Espirit...LOL..left shortly after and went back to tk a nap...woke up at night to eat and rest again before he send me back ler...

seafood platter for 2!
our take away~ haa`..

as for monday....sch had started again~ fast break after my exams at all~ duhz...well...class wasnt so of the interesting lecturer tt had taught me in my yr 1 is teaching us again...haa....anyway i really gonna work hard this semester...cuz im really afraid my results for last sem would be horrendous....therefore this sem's results gotta make up for the bad results of last sem! else i can nv achieve my aim! Gambarimasu!!

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