Monday, April 28, 2008

Perceptions, Thoughts and Beliefs

Perceptions, Thoughts and Beliefs

just my 2cents worth!

was chatting with a friend of mine awhile ago..whom told me of some personal stuff which i wont be publishing here.. But with regards to this issue, many people may think its something 'wrong' to do.. in fact my friend didnt feel too gd either... although he doesnt haf to account or answer to anyone.. he does feel that something is missing...but well.. here is what i told him...

as long you feel happy doing what you are doing, there isnt any right or wrong to it. Being right or wrong, really depends on individual's perception, values, feelings, beliefs, priorities, thinking and thoughts..something that may seem right to Person A may appear to be wrong to Person B.. and vice versa.. different people haf very different definations of right and wrong.. but to me..i feel that there isnt any right or wrong...any rights of wrongs are formed by people with regards to thier personal perception, values, feelings, beliefs, priorities, thinking and thoughts.. therefore i feel that as long u're happy doing what you're doing, u're probably right.. of cuz im not saying that killing another person and feeling happy bout it is right...but i guess thats something for urself to judge...and i truly believe a person in their right state of mind...would logically know that its 'wrong' to kill someone...unless in cases of self defence where they probably haf no other choice...but well.. as i depends on individuals...

in other words, right or wrong, are created so that people will feel happy.. in life, we should always live it to the fullest.. be happy doing what you're doing and live life with no regrets...

with this..i'll end here.. cheerios people! stay happy and SMILE! =D (as i always say, smiling keeps on happy, healthy and looking young! so pls smile more!~)

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