Thursday, April 24, 2008

my sweety boy is love!

my sweety boy is love!

been sick the pass few days..knowing i aint feeling well.. my boy constantly smses and call to check if im alright..taking up his precious mugging time to accompany me on the phone to make sure im safely home from work...and though he cant be there with me..cuz he is busy at this point of time..i truly appreciate every little thing! =)

on tuesday, the day i was on mc..after i helped him to print his 161pages of notes..he accompanied me to Raimah to have prata for supper as i was feeling hungry..hees`..

anyway nt trying to boast ard..but just wanna tell my boy that i really appreciate him! =)
(this is my blog anyway! im free to blog my thots and feeling right? =P)

Thanks darling! *hugs* te quiero!

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