Sunday, February 24, 2008

tired..(swedish meatballs, suntec, bab noodles, TheLoof, GongZhuXiaoMei)


friday night after work, went to his work place at woodlands to join him and his colleagues for ktv session..after which went back home had dinner and knock out..

as for sat, woke up early for my piano lesson..after which, went to Ikea for Swedish Meatballs~ yummylicious~ went back hm after that to rest til evening went to Suntec to meet Sylvia for dinner at Millenia Walk, Bab there is not bad the price is quite reasonable too..after dinner, went to the Loof to chill bfore sending Sylvia back and went to Serangoon to meet Ansley, Phyllis and Adrian to chat for awhile..

yummylicious swedish meatball our apple & peach juice~ Yum! =D
taken at Suntec's Galleria.. nice place.. =)
stanley and me at Galleria

yummy cookie and cream milkshake. but too bad i forgotten to tk pictures of the food..only rememebr bout it after i finished the food which is too late~ =p

our drinks at the Loof
Sylvia & Me
stanley and me
stanley, me & sylvia at Loof!
stanley and sylvia
us at Loof.

today, woke up and went to BK for breakfast...stupid queue was so long tt i almost fainted while queueing for food as i was too hungry plus i cant stand for too long...after breakfast went back and we started on the drama serial, Gong Zhu Xiao Mei (Romantic Princess)...watched all the way til 8+ before i couldnt tk it we watched since 12+pm..and i was alrdy having a bad headache even after popping panadols~ faints.. rested for awhile bfore we woke up and he send me back ler..

Romantic Princess, Gong Zhu Xiao Mei!, my current addiction~ Wu Zun is just so charming~ *melts* haa`..

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