Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kuala Lumpur trip~

Kuala Lumpur trip~

okie...i finally have some spare time to blog bout my KL trip..

Monday, 3/12/07, Baby came over to pick me up...after which went back to his place and i did last min packing for him as he didnt have time to pack at all...rush thru everything and forced ourself to slp...though we're pretty tired...we're also kinda excited bout it..therefore we didnt slp til pretty late...

Tuesday, 4/12/07, woke up VERY early in the morning...even earlier than the time we usually wake up for work...wash up and we headed out..met up with his sis and family at the causeway bfore we entered the custom together...his dad drove til JB bfore Baby took over the wheels and followed his bro-in-law's car and we headed down to KL..stopped along the way for toilet break bfore we continued on our journey...upon reaching KL...we went for our lunch at a Japanese restaurant..forgetful me obviously cant rmbr the name of the places though.. lunch was gd~ and after tt we head to our hotel, The Curve, The Royale Bintang Damansara, to check settled down and took a short nap bfore we head to the mall opposite our hotel to walk ard and went for dinner at a Penang restaurant..

as for Wednesday, 5/12/07, woke up very early to haf our breakfast.. after which we took a cab down to the Twin tower to walk ard, tk photos and's sis and family brought some of their kids to play while baby, his mum, dad, baby nephew and me took a cab and went to Sungei Wang to continue shopping~ bought quite a few things..but kinda spoilt for choices as there so MANY shops there and so many nice clothes and things to buy!! sadly his parent were there and i didnt wanna spend too much time in the i didnt really see everything..and as his dad and mum took turns to carry his nephew..poor baby became out bell boy~ he had to help carry his mum and mine stuff and shopping bags while me and his mum were shopping and trying clothes...keke~ (thks dar..its really sweet of u~ =D) and at night we head back to meet the rest of them for dinner at a (if i nv rmbr wrongly) chinese was quite good..and place is really awesome too... haa`..later at night after dinner went to Tesco to walk ard and continue shopping bfore heading back to slp..

Thursday, 6/12/07, woke up very early once again for breakfast...after which went back to nap bfore we drove down to Jusco (or Centrepoint..cant rmbr ler~ only thing i rmbr is tt he place is super huge~ if i nv rmbr wrongly its 2 huge shopping centres linked up=p) to continue our retail therapy~ had our lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant...i like the layout and lightings is really cool ya... sadly the food was alright only ya...LOL..anyway this time i didnt shop much as im pretty broke from my shopping the day bfore...and kinda overspend~ so yea..didnt really buy anything for myself..instead i spend my day there shopping for gifts for my dad and mum.. sweetie Baby knowing im broke bought me a lovely necklace tt we both caught sight of~ hees`.. went back to tk our nap..and as for dinner..went with baby and his dad in search of food...turn out we ended up at Kenny Rogers...and ate the black pepper and me each ate half a chicken~ lol..and his dad didnt eat and went to walk ard ler...haa`..after which baby and i went to walk ard ourself, took fotos, explore places and did some last min shopping bfore we got tired and head back watch tv til late and finally to slp`..

Friday, 7/12/07, also our last day there..woke up slightly later..went for breakfast bfore we continue to explore ard and went to place is still pretty new and therefore many shops still renovating and not opened...and there's VERY few pple there...end up i was snapping away..haa`..finally..we head back to the hotel to pack up our stuff bfore we checked out...left the hotel and drove home ler...on the way..went for lunch at kfc..did some last min grocery shopping at some provision shops..and continue on our journey back home..

well..basically..we spend most of our time shopping, eating, watching tv, taking fotos, playing and taking care of the kid and sleeping~ wanted to go swimming..but turn out we when we finally haf the time to started to rain...haa`..and we couldnt go to the nightmarket as its raining as well..wat a waste...oh well..another time~ didnt get to buy much as i didnt bring much money there (budget la~ so broke now~ i took almost a whole mth of NO PAY leave! and i'll be heading to HK next wk~ therefore cant bring so much to KL! had to control~) the places and shopping centres we went to are all very developed and alike to fact some of the place looks like our Taka or Paragon ya...most of the shops are branded store..and the prices are the same as sg..therefore no point buying ya`.. that aside...i haven mention tt Baby's nieces and nephew is SUPER UBER Kawaii!~ they're just so smart and cute~ and they nv fail to brighten and put a smile on my face whenever i look at them play and giggle...and most of the time i was carrying his youngest niece ard..she's is really adorable~ and at some point of time i kinda wish she is my daughter~ hahaa`...just kidding..anyway to end this super long post..i just wanna say that i totally enjoyed myself in KL..and im looking forward to another trip be it to KL or else where with Baby soon~ =D *loves*

thanks baby for everything~ *hugs* are some of the photos taken in KL..i've arranged in order from Day1 to the last day.. realise i didnt tk as much fotos as i tot i im kinda lazy to upload all~ hees`...enjoy viewing~ =D cheerios~

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