Wednesday, December 26, 2007

jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way~

jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way~ was ytd...but im still in the xmas mood! lol`.. anyway just a quick update~

last friday, 21/12/07, after work met up with baby and we went for steamboat with Adrian, Rose and Ansley at Bugis..followed by KTV session at Shenton Way Partyworld.. ktv session ended pretty late...and we were super tired after tt..went home straight to KO...

as for sat, 22/12/07..wanted to wake up early for breakfast...turn out i couldnt wake up and we missed breakfast and had lunch at home..after which we went to Parkway to do some last min xmas shopping~ went home after which to wrap up the gifts and rest for awhile..watched some dvds and at night we went to Raffles City to look for his sis and family, bro and sis-in-law, and they have a hotel room at Faber(something) Hotel located bside Swisshotel... and we had our dinner at Prego! food was not bad..=) and as i was feeling very tired we went home to rest ler...

sunday, 23/12/07..woke up for breakfast..and after which baby and i went to the hairsalon..he had his hair cut while i did my rebonding...while waiting..he went to AutoBacs to check out his stuff and after which im done..he came to pick me up le`..went back to his place to rest and later at night he send me home ler..

monday, 24/12/07, xmas eve~ went to work as usual...gave out xmas present..and in turn i recieved a couple of gifts too~ =) and as its xmas eve..most office operates only half a day..which leaves mine unexceptional.. went home at 12+...prepared and washed up bfore Baby came to pick me up to go back to his place for Xmas lunch with his family...his sis and bro all came..had turkey, lamb, sushis and lots more~ yummy! =) and we manage to get some rest in the afternoon bfore we head out again to pick Sylvia from Parkway and we head down to AnAn's place for Xmas party..Jenson and his gf, Jeffrey and his gf and a few others of baby's frens were there..=) the night was pretty fun..and we had a surprise bday cake and celebration for Jeffrey too..we finally left at 1+am..and headed down to PasirRis chalet for baby's cous, Liyan's bday party...when we finally got home..its alrdy 3+am..shagadelic day indeed!

some of the xmas gifts tt i've prepared for my colleagues
some of the gifts from my colleagues! (wrapped)
preparing to head out to AnAn's place
its gift exchange time!
Baby opening our gift!
some of the guys, jenson, bdayboy jeffrey & kelvin..
some of the girls present..jenson's gf, me, sylvia, an an, bdayboy jeffrey & jeffrey's gf..
baby and me!

as for ytd, 25/12/07, Christmas day.. woke up pretty late..had our brunch..and went to parkway with his mum to get some stuff..had dessert at marine parade bfore we went back to his place..helped his mum wrap some gifts..rested with baby for awhile...bfore he send me home le..went home early as i had to attend my cous's wedding with my family...dinner ended pretty late...and its quite a gathering for us and our relatives...esp for i haven seen them for more den a yr! reason being i didnt join my parents for CNY visitting this yr...anyway it was quite fun...and hereby Congrats my cous and his wife! =)

random shot taken while on the way to Carlton Hotel..

well..overall..i would say tt i enjoy Xmas tis yr! =) had lotsa gifts and fun..and most imptly..i have my loved ones with me!

Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year to one and all once again~ =D

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