Sunday, December 9, 2007

im back from Kuala Lumpur!~

im back from Kuala Lumpur!~

KL trip was great! =) anyway i just got home from baby's place...i reached sg on friday night..but was staying over at baby's place over the wkends as usual...

friday night back at his place...unpack some stuff and went to slp pretty early as we're all worn out.. as for sat.. went to parkway to get my blades.. had honey glazed chicken for lunch and went rollerblading at ECP...after which went back to wash up and went out again..went to pick his mum up and we went for dinner...followed by visiting his grandpa..and home sweet home`.. and today..woke up and rotted..wanted to go blading or swimming...but it rained the whole we dropped the idea..and went with his mum to his sis's place...after which went for dinner and went back to his place to pack up my stuff bfore he send me back home....

anyway...i'm pretty tired right now...just finished unpacking my stuff...and uploaded the fotos into my lappy.. shall update more on the trip and upload the fotos soon~ gonna go slp for now...tmr still gotta go back to work sch is gonna start again tmr~ yeap..its the start of yr 2~ another 2 more stressful yr to go~

btw..other big events coming up would be my co's bowling tournament, 5th monthniversary with baby, daddy's bday, xmas and also my HK trip with my babes next wk..

nitey to all for now`.. =D

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