Friday, December 21, 2007

im back from hongkong!~

im back from hongkong!~

now in office therefore dont tink i'll have the time to blog into detail bout it yet...all i gotta say is..its fun! =D sadly only there for a few days and therefore still many places we didnt get to visit..and dont have much time to shop insufficient moolah! oh well..will definately visit hk again some day..=)

ytd afternoon came back to sg and baby came to the airport to pick me up...after which went back to his place..gave his mum some of the food stuff tt i got back from hk and also to give baby his gift! after which washed up and watched the show, Redline.. its a gd show! and both baby and i love it cuz its all about racing cars~keke`..after which went to The Garden Slug for was quite gd plus healthy~ especially the wasuka wings! yummylicious~ hees`..after which went back to his place and rested bfore he send me home`...

and now back in office...feeling quite tired..and still not in the working mood... miss HK! and i wish im still there right now~ holiday mood!~ plus Xmas is coming!! yeap~ Santa Claus is coming to town~

i better get back to work~ lots to do~ tata for now.. =D

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