Thursday, December 13, 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Alvin and the Chipmunks!

work was hectic again today...well..lets not talk bout work...after work...had initial plans to go do something bout my messy hair...but end up...Mike smsed me asking if i wan tix to catch the movie 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' with my he's gotten the tix but didnt know who to watch it with..and i got pretty excited~ as i so wanna watch it! love the chipmunks~ they're awefully cute~ and i use to love watching thier cartoon as a kid..keke`... so i asked baby bout it...but got a reply pretty late as he;s busy at work..and poor Mike had to go home and come out again in the evening after i knock off from work..and come all the way from CCK to Douby Ghaut to give me the tix and after which he went back to bukitgombak!.. Thanks so much Mike! really sorry to trouble you~ and i seriously owe u a BIG one man~ =D

anyway as promise to Mike...i gotta feedback bout the show.. well..first of all...without a doubt is SUPER UBER KAWAII~ and its very hilarious... the whole theatre was packed and fullhouse and everyone were laughing throughout the show..thank god we went in pretty early...and get to sit in the middle...if we had gone any later it'll be the front rows for us le...haa`..story line was gd too... a heartwarming show indeed...=) i would say...4.8/5 popcorns~ hees`..definately recommended to all~

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anyway after the show..we went to Carrefour to get some Sushi bfore we head back to a coffeshop near my place to haf dinner..bfore he send me back ler.. i need to pack my stuff for my hk trip tmr night is my co's event, bowling tournament~ haa` i wont be free to sat i'll b with baby...and sunday i'll be flying ler~ so i better start packing soon~ tata for now~ nitey to all!

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