Sunday, November 11, 2007

Congrats to my Darling Baby!

Congrats to my Darling Baby!

first of all, on friday, after work, went home and waited for baby to come pick me up..we den head down to meet adrian and the rest of them to have BBQ outside celina's petshop..=) something happened during the first quarter of the time and while we're on our way there...but im glad its all resolved and now thing have got better..and i can keep my mind off..and concentrate more on my revision as well..=D anyway...the doggies at her petshop are just so adorable! really wish to get one wor..=( oh well..not now bah...soon i hope~ kekes`..

secondly,..i wanna congrats my darling baby on his graduation with a 2nd class upper in his HONs in Biz Mgt (Marketing)! would say im really proud of him and of cuz happy for him.. =) all his hard work throughout the past 3 yrs had paid off~ only sad thing is i had to go to sch for tutorials and couldnt make it for his graduation ceremony held at suntec ytd... i cant wait for my turn to graduate!~ tt would be like in another 2 yrs time!! Gambatta Yuriko!~ =)

anyway..after his graduation..he went to get his car bonet done up...and after my tutorials, my classmate kelvin offered to give me a lift to look for baby while he and mike went to KAP to continue studying..waited with baby for his car to be done and we headed out to have out dinner bfore going back to my place to get my books and went home...took some picts of him in his graduation gown...hees`...well..right after tt we both knocked out as we were both superbly worned out~

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baby's ride's new look~ more mods coming up soon!
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baby's ride and me~
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i'm just so proud of my darling!~ he looks xtremely charming in the gown eh~ haa`.. =p

lastly for today, woke up to continue my revision while baby wash his car...had our breakfast den he send me to KAP to meet the others to continue studying...and later at night baby came over to pick me up..went to the car wash to get his car totally washed up and vacumned and went back to his place to rest and watch CSI bfore he send me home..

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