Sunday, July 1, 2007

lalala`... KTV!


early morning woke up..prep and waited for Sweets to come pick me its some SAF day thingy...he was in his uniform..haa..gosh..he looks gd in his uni! and did i mention bfore tt i haf a fetish for guys in uniform! haa`..cuz i tink they looks pretty smart and charming in them..haha`...he send me to KAP..and guess wat..none of my classmates are there! turn out i was studying alone til bout 1+ 2 den Alex came..followed by Mike at 2+..while the other all fly aeroplane...=( after studied for awhile..and guess wat...turn alex had said the day bfore that he wanna go i had a craving for it! so end up...the 3 of us went to Kbox at Clementi! wahah` was so fun...crapped ard..sang all the hyper songs...and there was this particular song tt Mike sang tt made us all laughed bout 7+ to 8...Sweets came over to join us..while Alex left awhile later to go pick his gf up....soon after...we left as well..and sweet brought me to haf dinner at Pasta Fresco, an italian restaurant...the food is fantastic! =) but sadly as i was having a bad gastric..i didnt haf much appetite to eat much....and after tt he send me home.. =)

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