Tuesday, July 10, 2007

examss stress...

examss stress...

[tuning to: gallery]

hah..realise im always tuning to this song?....its uber nice la! recommended to all..haa...i've been listening to it non stop since i got hold of this song! haa`...finally change away my 'bei pan' le...lol..to those closer to me should understand and got sick of my bei pan alrdy eh?..lol`...

anyway..wanna thank those who were there to care for me[u know who u guys are.. =)] thru this period of time...and all the advices and all...really appreciate it...hereby wanna apologize for making u guys worry...and apologize to those tt i've hurt[sorry...u should know who are..sighh..].... as of now...i'll try my best to move on....switching my focus elsewhere....and strive to lead a happier life..=) dont wish to let my emotions affect my studies le...exams are coming...i cant afford to let this affect it....my future is at stake! and i dont wish to ruin it with my own hands! therefore.. dun worry! i'll be fine!

as for today...woke up feeling super duper shagg! so shag tt i cant even get out of bed! tts how bad it is....therefore applied for urgent leave..and stayed home to start on my intensive mugging....mug mug mug! im so short of time now! need to GAMBATTE alrdy! wishh me luck guys! =D

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looking ahead~!
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thanks to my sweetie QiHui for this cute lil smiley cake! hees`.. it did brought a smile to my face.. =D

[thots: missing my baby lots! hees`...]

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