Tuesday, June 26, 2007

stressful day.. (and sakae sushi with stanley..)

stressful day..

today had been a rather stressful day at work..piled with things to do..plus so many urgent things to rush and some irritating pple keeps flooding my phone and rush me to do things...arghh! almost wanna throw the damn phone away...anyway..only gd news is..i found my documents...haa`..

after work rushed home and prep..den Stanley came over to pick me up and we head down to Changi Airport to study...bfore that, we went for dinner at Sakae Sushi! yummy! my fave~ hees`...and i realise everytime we meet, we'll end up eating at Sakae sushi...cuz we'll both haf cravings for sushi..wahaha..and he commented tt i always reminded him and make him wanna haf sushi..haa`..do i haf the sushi face? lol`..=p ok anyway..upon entering, i saw Kaiying! haa`...quite a pleasant surprise i must say...haa`..wat a coincidence eh...its not always tt u get to bump into pple at changi airport...anyway...KY! gotta meet up with u soon bfore u fly off k! =)

had quite a wonderful dinner..for a change today, we tried all the different raw fish sushi that we've not tried bfore...n it all tasted really nice..=) after which, head down to BK to start on my studying! and yea...he's there to tutor me for my Biz Law! haa`..cuz apparently...he is a 'A' student for Biz Law! and i must say he did quite a gd job at helping me out..cuz i totally felt lost throughout! at least now i know how and where to start studying from...haha... =D thanks baby! and its nice and happy seeing him after quite some time ya.. =)

at bout 11+ we were totally drained! therefore we decided to leave..and he send me back home....but upon reaching home..i realise i cant get to slp again..sighh..so here i am blogging once again...

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