Tuesday, June 5, 2007



[listening to: p diddy - last night]

it was a tiring day at work last night...after work, head down to school....i can hardly concentrate...though im physically in class...my mind was obviously elsewhere...haha..left halfway thru and headed home...wash up and waited for Kevin to come over pick me up..after which we head down to Paradiz Centre's Kbox to meet Dar, QH and Singgen for ktv session!~ wee!~ after the enjoyable session, we head down to Geylang for supper of Dim Sum...yummylicious.... by the time i reached home..its already 4.30am...haha..

had quite a diff time waking up for work this morning...but nonetheless..i did drag myself outta bed and head to work...work had been very stressful...lots of things to do plus keep getting scolding and irritated by a certain pple and customers...sickening..getting on my nerves...they're obviously dumb...they tink so easy do..den do themself la...ass sia...ok..anyway..i was so pissed and tired tt i left office kinda early today compared to every other day...but still did a lil OT...anyway...headed home straight after work...and im gonna go zZzz soon....shagged~

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Dar & Me
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Sweetie Kevin & Me
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QH & Dar

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