Sunday, June 10, 2007

a long day out..

a long day out..

[listening to: give it to me]

Kevin came over to pick me up...den we head down to Vivocity to catch our show~ Ocean Thirteen.. and while one the way tt... watched the latest epi of bleach on his mp3player..heees`..thoughtful him had transferred it in there knowing i didn't have the time to watch after the show, we started snapping nonstop on the camera~ lol...went for dinner at Thai Express...den went out of Vivo and continued snapping...hehes`...after which we went back to his car and sat in there for bout half an hours talking n taking die..i know..wahah`...narcicism!~

after which we head down to Esplanade and sat there to enjoy the scenery and chatted...after which, recieved a call from his fren to meet up...

anyway...shall upload some photos we took...not all though...theres too much! close to 70 + photos in just 1 day....wahaha`...but it was definately a fun time we had!~ cuz we both enjoy taking photos!~ =p

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