Tuesday, June 12, 2007

littlest thing..

littlest thing..

[listening to: littlest thing.]

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woke up this morning again with a headache...and as i've predicted...i had sore eyes once again... therefore didnt go to work again...informed my dear qihui bout it and got her to follow up on some stuff in the office for me...and informed my manager bout it....den i head back to slp....woke up..ate and went to see da doct to get ma MC...

after i came back..watched anime and 'heroes'...den came a call from Kevin...he cracked a few jokes to try brighten up my day.. =) and u know wat Kev?...u really did succeed in doing so.. =p

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Sometimes I find myself sittin' back and reminiscing
Especially when I have to watch other people kissin'
And I remember when you started callin' me your miss's
All the play fightin', all the flirtatious disses
I'd tell you sad stories about my childhood
I dont why I trusted you but I knew that I could
We'd spend the whole weekend lying in our own dirt
I was just so happy in your boxers and your t-shirt

Dreams, Dreams
Of when we had just started things
Dreams of you and me
It seems, It seems
That I can't shake those memories
I wonder if you have the same dreams too.
The littlest things that take me there
I know it sounds lame but its so true
I know its not right, but it seems unfair
That the things are reminding me of you
Sometimes I wish we could just pretend
Even if for only one weekend
So come on, Tell me
Is this the end?

Drinkin' tea in bed
Watching DVD's
When I discovered all your dirty grotty magazines
You take me out shopping and all we'd buy is trainers
As if we ever needed anything to entertain us
the first time that you introduced me to your friends
and you could tell I was nervous, so you held my hand
when I was feeling down, you made that face you do
no one in the world that could replace you

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