Monday, May 7, 2007

monday blues~ (dimsum at geylang, movie Fracture, night at CosyBay)

monday blues~

almost couldnt get up this morning...really shagged out..probably cuz last night came home pretty late again...Kevin came over to pick me up and we went to PS to catch the movie, "Fracture"...its bout a guy who killed his wife..but somehow they cant find evidence against him..pretty smart fellow...anyway...its quite a gd show...but i guess not many knows how to appreciate such shows..haha...anyway..after the movie, we went for Dim Sum at Geylang!~ yummylicious!~ hees`...been quite some time since i last went kevin had been pestering to eat it since day 1 tt i know yea...after the satisfying dinner, he send me home...=)

as for today...early in the morning had tons of stuff to rush out...i was totally stressed out...turn out i panicked and went into a state of confusion...where i cant absorb anything tt anyone tells me...and i end up having to ask them to repeat themself a couple of times...haha..kinda feels wierd without Shaun behind one to talk n joke ard with me...and when my leg one gonna help me go get my documents..=( tts bsides the point..haha..all of us in office miss him! anyway...after lunch things got my manager went on halfday things became more relax...after work..went to PS to meet Jeffrey, Mike, Kelvin, Alan and Alex for dinner bfore heading to Sch together.. during brk time, went shopping with Shina~ haha...bought a few tops again~ lol`... anyway...after school...Kevin came over to pick me up...went to get some rochor beancurd bfore we head to CosyBay...chatted, took photos and walked ard the beauiful place which i use to always visit in the past....haven been there for quite some time...and tt place haf indeed become much beautiful now~ anyway...Nitey to all!~ need to go zZzz ler...tmr still gotta work!~

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