Friday, May 11, 2007

Ktv again!~

Ktv again!~

[listening to: byul]

rested the whole day at home as i had an MC for the day..den bout 5+ went over to Darren's place to meet him...slack ard for some time bfore we head out to Bugis to meet Fabian for dinner at think Dar suppose to be my very close fren and knows me well...turn out..he forgot tt i HATE GreenTea! can die sia...lucky Fab ordered icelemontea and exchanged his drink with me....i almost puked when i took a sip of the greentea....faint sia..haha.. anyway..after tt, we went to pick QiuHen up den head to Hougang's Kbox to meet ChangChih, Pearlyn, Jocelyn and HuiZhen for ktv session...after ktv session, the girls left and Dar send Fab and QH home...while CC and me went to Dar's some vids and slack for awhlie bfore we send CC home..den Dar and me went for supper at Simpang Bedok as we were starving~... ate and chatted for awhile bfore he send me home....

p.s. pls dont b mistaken, dar is shortform for DARren...and NOT FYI he's my very gd fren!

- QH, Dar, Me, Fab, CC -

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