Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rainbow After The Rain ♥

Its been a really Stressful, Busy, Emotions-filled Week!

Havent got time or the mood to blog since last week. Work has been really busy! Work is piling up, many datelines to meet, and my memory is literally like a Goldfish these days! Just way tooo much going on in my head!

Timelines to meet, pressing issues to settle, difficult people to handle, etc.

Had some other personal issues bobbing in my head as well which I wont be discussing here.

And, as the date for my key collection is drawing near, I have other sets of stressing issues to worry about such as my house renovations, financial issues, and other stuff that comes along with it.

Been so so so so down last week that I just didnt feel like doing much. I ended up falling sick and was given 2 days of Medical Leave on Monday & Tuesday to rest at home which I am eternally grateful for. Although the feeling of being sick isn't awesome, but its just wonderful that I could finally just rest my body, mind and soul.

Also it was a good time for me to just lie in bed, do some soul-searching, have some deep thoughts about life and a great time to really let things go. Let the pain, the stress, and other what nots go.

Learn to LET GO, cause that is the key to HAPPINESS!

But as they always say, the beautiful rainbow will always come after the rain. Which is sooo soooooo true!


Good things started happening after my 2 days of Medical Leave. My long awaited Key Collection Date is finally OUT! Will be collecting the keys to a place I can finally call my own, on the 5th of November 2016. I AM SO EXCITED!! *Jumps for JOY*

Work was pretty smooth yesterday and today as well. I manage to settle some of the pressing issues and although there are other work and stuff that came up, but being in a good mood does somehow helped in making my life at work so much better! Now charging up energy and clearing as much work as I can in preparation for a hectic busy stressful period starting next week for the forecasting and budgetting phase!!

Thereafter, I will probably be busy with my home defect checks and rectifications, house renovations, shopping for furnitures and stuff in the month of November and December! I am sooooo looking forward! This is probably the 3rd time I am mentioning it in this post! But the excitement is just overwhelming! Considering I've waited for this for 3 years!!

But despite being busy, as promised, I will find time to blog and note down phases of my home renovation!! Its gonna really exciting!! =)

Also, I'm gonna be blogging another post real soon, on my visit to Universal Studio Singapore for the Halloween Horror Night 6 event soon! #HHN6 ~ Boo! 

Signing off for now~ 

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