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Travelogue - Relaxation Trip to Montigo Resorts Nongsa with My Girls

Its an awesome getaway with my girls!

We've been planning this for quite awhile but due to busy schedules, we postpone a couple of times, until finally a month before our planned dates, we booked everything and await for the day to come!

Heard alot about Montigo Resorts Nongsa, saw photos and many friends checking into the place in Facebook and been longing to go there to see it for myself! Its truly a nice relaxing place with a really nice villa! Great for couples, family, and also groups of friends~ A good place for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, hen's party, a relaxation trip, a getaway from hectic Singapore, or simply a crazy pool party with your friends and love ones!

You get to cook in the kitchen which is well equipped, dip in the private pool all day, soak in the huge bath tub with a glass top open view toilet, or simply laze around all day! The whole area except the Spa is Wifi-friendly, and you can play pool, dip in the outdoor pool, have some finger food and enjoy a cocktail or an ice cold beer!

Only down side of the place would be the mosquitos in the room which bitten me quite badly and I end up waking up a couple of times in the middle of the night as its way too itchy! When I checked out and told the staff, they said there was actually some mosquito repellants in the wardrobe which we did not open to see. So next time you are there, explore the wardrobe, you will find the hair dryer (which I couldnt find and thus did not use at all), mosquito repellant in there. They also provide a tube of aloe vera gel in the living room which I thought is really nice and thoughtful of them, but again I totally forgotten to use it even after getting sunburns!

The weather there is really really really VERY HOT and HUMID! Not sure if its just this time of the year (JUNE) that the place is really warm, or its the same whole year round! So anyway, do prepare to bring along SUNBLOCK, and switch on every possible aircon in the villa to its lowest temperature and strongest fan, close any doors in the villa so the rooms will be kept cold throughout! And because the weather is so cold, you guys will probably end up like us, dipping in both the private and outdoor pool all day!

This getaway, I went without my hubby, just with my girls, Rain & Chloe and Rain's son. The trip is really enjoyable and we all wished we could spend more time there! We only went for a 2days1night stay as both of them did not have any more annual leave left for this year after all the longer holidays they went earlier this year and had already planned for later this year. Took many photos since it was my first time there!

At Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal & Onboard the Ferry towards Montigo!

At the Lobby & Near the Restaurant, Pool & Bar of Montigo Resorts Nongsa!

First thing we did was to grab some lunch at Tadd's Restaurant upon arrival while waiting to check in. The good thing about the place was we could call for a buggy to bring us everywhere around the resort 24/7, thus we need not walk out in the hot sun! After lunch, we went to check-in to our villa and immediately went straight for the private pool in our villa! Super awesome!

Loving the beautiful view!

On the 24/7 Buggy that brings us everywhere around the resort!

Our Villa - 1st Storey - Living Room, Kitchen, Toilet, Main Door, Balcony, Private Pool

Our Villa - 2nd Storey - Master Bedroom

Our Villa - 2nd Storey - Master Bedroom Glass Top Toilet, Bathtub, the other bedroom and its toilet

Our Villa - Rooftop - Beautiful scenic seaview 

 Camwhoring before going into the pool~

More camwhoring with my girls before messing up my hair and going into the pool!

Having lots of fun in the pool, taking underwater photos!
(Pardon my girls as Chloe has her contact lens on and she is unable to open her eyes underwater, and both of them cant really swim so that explains why the were not really able to stay under water for long to take a proper photo!)

After a nice dip in the pool, we washed up and took a taxi out to Rezeki Seafood for dinner! Yums! Dinner was not bad especially the Nestum (Cereal) Prawns and more Bintang Beer!

We ordered chilla crab, butter crab, nestum prawns, gong gong, sambal kang kong, fried chicken, teh botol & bintang beer!

After dinner went back to our Resort took a nice stroll to snap some night shot photos before we headed back to our Villa to Chill and have our Girl's Talk! The night was pretty funny have hiccups with our room service that got us angry frustrated impatient yet so funny we ended up laughing all the unhappiness away~

We had called room service for a bucket of ice to chill our bottle of wine while we chit chat.

First Call by Rain - Waited 30mins nothing came
Second Call by Chloe - Waited 10-15mins still nothing came
Third Call by Me - Conversation goes: Hello this is our third time calling in since 45mins ago, we ordered a bucket of ice but still nothing came. Reply: Oh I'm so sorry Mam, we will send it to you right away. Me: How long must I wait this time. Reply: 10mins. Oh no no 5 mins. Promise we will send it to you. Me: Ok then thanks.

"Ding Dong"
Me: OH YAY~ Our ICE is HERE! - Hops around and ran to the door! Grab the bucket said thanks close the door and ran in to my girls. Felt that the bucket was a little light and not cold at all. Open the bucket. WIDE BLANK EYES. Stare at the bucket for awhile thinking "did i see wrongly?"........
Face immediately change. WHATTTTT??!?!?!! Where is the ICE???!!!!
"My girls burst out laughing"

Rain decided to call room service again.
Rain: Hello we called earlier for a bucket of ICE. But where is the ICE?
Reply: Yes we already send the bucket it is still not there?
Rain: Yes the bucket came. But where is the ICE? We want the ICE! We already have a bucket in the villa, but no ice maker. Where can we find the ICE?
Reply: Oh so sorry Mam. We will make sure to send the ICE with no bucket.

Within 5mins. "Ding Dong"
YAY the ICE came!! In a plastic bag! They seriously send the ICE with NO bucket!

Hahahhaha~ EPIC!

Subsequently we realize there is no wine bottle opener in the villa, so again we called room service to request for a bottle opener and an additional wine glass.

ONLY the Wine Glass Came.

We called yet again. This time, I guess they know that we are already very frustrated, and so, the person came into our villa, came up stairs to our room where we are chilling, and helped us open the bottle on the spot with a big bag filled with ICE. (just in case I guess since we were already waiting very long)

But end up the wine bottle opener that he brought along was a pretty lousy one and after attempting to open the bottle for about 5mins, he gave up and told us he will be bringing the bottle back with him to the kitchen to use a better wine opener to open the bottle for us.

About 5 to 7mins later he came back with our bottle, opened and sealed with the transparent shrink wrap. And so, FINALLY after more than an hour of waiting and waiting, we get to enjoy the super awesome bottle of moscato wine that we got. Well THANK GOD its really nice and worth all the trouble and time waiting just to drink it!

Chatted, ate our chips and drank our moscato til I have no idea what time since I did not really keep track of time while we were there. Went to sleep in the comfy bed, though Chloe and myself both woke up a couple of time in the middle of the night due to the itchy mosquito bites all over us and we felt kinda warm as well.

Woke up next morning, washed up and went for breakfast before we went back to our Villa to pack up and check out and went for our relaxing massage session! Yay! I LOVE MASSAGES!
After the SHIOK massage, as it was still early, we headed to the public pool located in front of the bistro bar to have a swim and chill~

Finally it was time to wash up and head back to Singapore. Trip was really short, but still really enjoyable! I'm definitely going back there again soon! Next time we are there, gonna go on weekdays because they can cater for a private Rooftop BBQ on weekdays ONLY! =)

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