Monday, March 23, 2015

My Valentine 2o15

Our first Valentines Day as a newly wed. Honestly, no different from other years or rather no different from any other normal days, cause everyday can be Valentines Day!

In fact, this year, we didnt even have any gift exchange, nor flowers, nor chocolates. Just a simply candlelight dinner at a very humble restaurant as we are both very very very very broke after we came back from our recent Bangkok Trip and we are both tight up with our upcoming wedding preparations and Chinese New Year!

Started off our date with some camwhoring in the car while on the way for our dinner! =)

This year, we had dinner at his previous internship training workplace, Recipes, A bistro by Shatec.We had a lunch buffet there before and the food is really not bad, thus we decided to go there for our Valentines Dinner as they have a Valentines Day Special Set Dinner.

The ambiance is not bad as the lights were dimmed and they had placed a candle light on every table with the printed set menu rolled up and tied with a ribbon. As the servers were all training students, you can expect better service since they were monitored and have to be at their best at all times, which is also one of the reason why I like the place as I can always expect good service! Although some of them were stammering and had a hard time pronouncing certain words or memorize certain lines they had to say, or we simply have a hard time understanding what some of them were saying, but they were always smiling and courteous that I didnt mind all these and just smile is off which is what made my dinner so pleasant!~ :)

Can you imagine going to a restaurant expecting a wonderful pleasant and romantic experience, but because of bad service it just simply spoils your day!!! I certainly dread it alot!

So back to the food. Our Valentines Day Special Set consist of:

Scalllop with Confit Egg Yolk, Asparagus & Hollandaise and Mushroom Duxulles

Cauliflower Soup

Main Course
24hr Braised Beef Short-ribs in Veal Stock, Hay Scented Chicken with Pineapple Cranberry Chutney, Lemon Sole & Truffle Barley Risotto and Glazed Baby Vegetables

Cherry-Vanilla 'Duet' which is actually Chilled Cherry Marshmellow, Raspberry Sorbet, Vanilla Bubble and Pink Peppercorn Meringue)

Tea or Coffee

I must say, the cauliflower soup actually taste quite good! The appetiser is not bad as the combination of the taste is pretty fitting. The main course was a little disappointing though, the beef as my hubby says was too soft and mushy and seems like something out of the canned food but it seems fine for me since I prefer soft food over tougher food, and I think the Barley Risotto was a little too hard and not very tasty. The dessert was alright, as I like sorbet and meringue, but honestly a little too sour! Thank God for the Tea that ease my stomach well!

When we called for the bill, I was pleasantly surprised by a beautiful stalk of pink rose that they give to their female patrons who came for the Valentines Special Set as a Couple! :) Thanks for that! Totally made my day!

Overall I would say this Valentine's is pleasant. Peaceful, sweet and simple! =)

Ending my day with some more love from my precious Little Valentine! :)

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