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Travelogue: Bangkok Thailand - To the Land of Smiles with the People who truly makes me Smile ♡

 Our 4 Days 3 Nights Escapade from 31st Jan 2015 to 3rd Feb 2015 to the Land of Smiles with the People who truly makes me Smile!

Or the Land of Mango Sticky Rice~!~
Seriously, I LOVE Mango Sticky Rice sooooo much I placed it on everyday's planned itinerary! =p Its a MUST HAVE at Bangkok! If not, you've not been to Bangkok at all~

Total Cost Breakdown of Entire Trip:
Singapore Airline Round Trip Ticket (2 pax): $640.60 (Includes travel insurance + fuel charges + tax)
Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam (3 Nghts)(Superior Double Room): $429.60
Total Amount Spend (For myself): $858 (Excluding Air Tix & Hotel)

My Total Damage for this Trip: $1393

Been anticipating for this trip for what feels like forever! Finally our Party of 5, Rain 大姐 (Da Jie), Adrian 大哥 (Da Ge), Chloe 三姐 (San Jie), Hubby and Me met up at Singapore Changi Airport T2 McDonalds on the 31st Jan (Saturday) morning at 7.30am for breakfast before we check in and went on our short trip!

BUT, sooooooo unfortunately, I sprained my ankle in the early hours of the morning while I was flagging for a Taxi to the airport. Was still kinda sleepy and as the sky was still dark I didnt see a slight depression on the ground and stepped right in and fell on my butt! Totally in shock and I just sat in the middle of the road not knowing what to do. My husband had to leave his luggage aside and rush to pick me up from the ground. :( *MAJOR SULKS*

And so I limped my way to BKK! Was quite saddening cause I was hoping to rush around BKK and shop like a crazy women, literally! But I ended up slowing everyone down because of my foot and we ended up not going to watch the Thai Girl as it was said to be dangerous if I'm not able to run (for some reasons)!

At Singapore Changi Airport waiting to fly to Bangkok~

1st day Itinerary includes checking in to our super comfortable hotel stay at Novotel Bangkok Platinum, before we splitted up into 2 groups, the guys with 大姐 went in search of their Tailor Made Shirts, while 三姐 and I begin our day with the MOST important thing to us at that time. First, to the Money Changer for 三姐 who literally visit it everyday at least once or twice! haha! Second to Boots (a pharmacy) at Grand Diamond Hotel to look for an ankle guard for my swollen foot so that I can walk slightly better and help ease the pain a little~ After which, we started our actual shopping at Platinum Mall and had a yummy meal to start off our trip at A&W (Pantip Plaza) with Chicken Waffles, Curly Fries and our Must Have Root Beer Float! After about 2 to 3 hours, receive the signal from 大姐 to meet up at our standard meeting point of our entire trip, Starbucks. Unloaded our shopping bags in our hotel rooms and took the hotel free 'TukTuk' ride to Siam Square and we walked over to MBK for more shopping! Along the way we bought some finger food and there is a chicken patty that we ate which was SUPER good! Like seriously! But it was soooo good we finish eating it before we remember that we have not snapped a photo of it! After shopping we head back to a roadside seafood stall (I dont recall the stall name though) for our dinner which was one of the better dinner we had throughout the trip I guess. The BBQ fish was really tasty! After dinner bought some Mango Sticky Rice back to the hotel to eat (but we were too tired and full to eat it til 2nd day). Walked out in search of Thai Massages nearby the Pratunam area and we ended up stopping at an open area with many roadside stalls selling clothes, accessories, handmade items etc. Spend at least an hour there shopping and customizing some items before we eventually head for our well deserved Thai Massage which was super super goood!!! As Singaporean like to say, "SHIOK"!! After the relaxing massage, went back to hotel for a nice hot shower before turning in for the night to recharge ourselves for the next full day of CRAZY SHOPPING!
My new Ankle Guard for my sprained amke that accompanied me throughout my entire trip!
1 of the most worthy buy of my entire trip! You've served me well!

 Our first meal of the trip, A&W at Pantip Plaza
Curly Fries, Chicken Waffles & A&W Root Beer Float! Super Yums!

The guys and 大姐 at the Tailor
Choosing their fabric and design, and taking measurements for their tailor made shirts!

Hotel provided free 'TukTuk' ride to Siam Square!

Shopping at MBK! All of us ended up buying a pair of shades from the same shop!

 Our first dinner. Roadside seafood stall~ The fish taste pretty good!

 First Mango Sticky Rice of the Trip!

Random roadside stall selling really pretty customized phone casing! Soooo cute and pretty right?! But only 三姐 bought it as 大姐 and myself are toooo rough with our belongings as we dont really take good care of our stuff so we felt like it would go to waste since its not gonna last more than a week intact! haha!

2nd day Hubby and I OVERSLEPT! Oops~ Was suppose to meet the rest at 8.30am, had set alarm to ring at 7.45am, but somehow both of us didnt hear our alarms and slept right through til 8.30am exactly I suddenly jumped up, checked my phone and panicked! Somehow hotel beds are always sooo comfy that I don't wish to get up! Called them up and told them to give us half an hour, and we immediately rushed to wash up and prepare ourselves for the day! Met up with them and we headed straight for 大姐's MUST HAVE Wanton Noodles and Pig Trotters at Soi 19 at Pratunam for our breakfast! Queue was crazy long but we decided to wait anyway since it was really worth the wait! Each of us ended up eating 2 bowls of Wanton Noodles each and a big plate of Pig trotters and intestines. Yummy! 10plates accomplished! After which we took a cab to Chatuchak Weekend Market which was a MUST GO in our Itinerary. We splitted up into 2 groups again, with Hubby and Myself in search of the pets section to shop for our dearest Muffin, while the rest headed in search of the clothes section! We met up a few hours later at our initial starting point and then splitted up again with 大姐 & 三姐 going for their relaxation & self-pampering spa session, 大哥 went for his foot massage while Hubby and myself went back to the hotel for a dip in the 'fake' infinity swimming pool~ Reason why I say its fake cause its trying to achieve the feel of the inifinity pool, but its not totally an infinity poo. We went to the edge and look down to realize the water is just flowing down to a little walk way which can be access by both sides of the poolside with staircase. And honestly it looks like the place is flooded as the water has overflowed out. Kinda weird if you ask me, and the water around the area seems a little dirty and filled with leaves that had fallen off the tree. Well other than that the view from the swimming pool is pretty good as you can see the city. After our relaxing swim, met up with 大哥 to go to the Tailor shop for fitting before their actual collection the next day. Later at night, all of us washed up and gathered at our meeting point and we head out to Chinatown for out seafood dinner at T&K seafood restaurant that we swore never to eat again cause the standard dropped like no tomorrow. The 'sotong' was sooooo mushy and gross, not like the usual chewy and fresh. After dinner, we walked a few shops down to Nam Sing Bird Nest to buy ourselves some nourishing goodness to gargle our mouth with the first thing in the morning! (Its an inside joke). Went back to the hotel to put the bird nest, and 三姐 went to rest early as she was not feeling too well. We were suppose to go out clubbing, but were all too tired we decided to just have a chillax session at the rooftop bar at our hotel, Bar 9! Had our beer and booze and played some games and I was literally a mosquito feed for the night! Just a 1 hour session there and I had at least minimum 16 mosquito bites on my arms and legs and feet!!! Horrible experience for me although the place looks really good with a mesmerizing night view of the Bangkok City all well lighted up!~ :( Went back to our rooms and Hubby and I decided to pamper ourselves with a foot mask as well as a facial mask to end the night!

Waiting at our usual meeting point for the rest before we head out for our breakfast!

 Starbucks! Our standard meeting point!

 Wanton Mee at Soi 19 @ Pratunam! Its soooo good, the queue is sooo long! And we all ate 10bowls of wanton noodles with a big plate of pig trotter!
 Yummy yum yum Wanton Mee!

 Shopping at Chatuchak!! Had my favourite strawberry yoghurt and my usual raspberry ice popsicles! And thanks to my dearest 大姐 for the very cute Hello Kitty Make Up bag! =)

 They had yummy desserts at Chatuchak too!

 The 姐姐s enjoying their relaxing spa like princesses! :)

 While hubby and myself went for a relaxing swim at the hotel rooftop swimming pool~

 Our dinner at T&K seafood restaurant at Chinatown

Nam Sing Birdnest!

 Chilling out at Bar 9, the hotel rooftop bar!

Pampering ourselves with face mask and foot mask session before we rest for the night!

3rd day woke up washed up and gargled our mouth with our nicely chilled nourishing bird nest!! Super yums! After which we met up and head over to A&W at Pantip Plaza for our breakfast before we started our full day of shopping at Platinum Mall! In between, we met up for lunch at Fuji Restaurant located on the top level of Platinum Mall. The scallop sashimi is to die for! Seriously! Its sooooo good it literally melt away in your mouth! Super fresh! After lunch, continue our shopping and grab a couple more things before we went back to our hotel to offload and headed out to Siam Square by our hotel 'TukTuk' for more Mango Sticky Rice at Fai Sor Kam located at Siam Square, followed by a visit to the SUPER CUTE Hello Kitty House Cafe!! We took a group photo outside of the cafe, after which the guys and 大姐 head off to the tailor to collect their shirts, while 三姐 and myself stayed out to have a cuppa nice Ice Coffee in a VERY nice and cute Hello Kitty Tumbler and a yummylicious Hello Kitty Cream Cake which really taste sooooo good!! We took lots and lots of photos at the cafe including many selfies before we finally decided its time to leave the place and we slowly headed back to our hotel via BTS. Along the way, we stopped by Naraya at Central World, and some roadside stalls to do some more shopping before we return to our hotel to wash up and waited for the rest to return~ After everyone had returned and washed up, we took a cab out to have Authentic Mookata dinner at Plathong which was pretty disappointing as we all actually prefer the Mookata we have in Singapore instead! :p After our dinner, its FINALLY PARTAYE TIME!! Had wanted to try Demo Club, but it was close on Monday, so we ended up hopping over to RCA to check out the clubs around the area. Had wanted to go to Route 66, but for some reasons, we ended up at ONYX instead!! Which was pretty much as good!! Awesome music, good crowd and we made some new acquaintance for the night with some Malaysian Tourist! After a night of Johnny Walker Red Label, we concluded that the ladies actually drinks MUCH better than the guys! Hahahahaa~ As the guys were pretty high and were outside the club resting, the ladies decided to party hard and had our rounds of 2-3 seconds hard liquor spamming and dancing like no tomorrow, before we finally decided its time to end the night and brought the guys back to the hotel to rest! The guys went to sleep while the ladies decided to continue with our ladies heart to heart sharing session til 4am before we all went to rest for the night!

 First thing in the morning! Gargling our mouth with the super nourishing bird nest! Yums!!


Breakfast at A&W (again for me)!

Lunch at Fuji Restaurant at Platinum Mall! Look at all the super fresh and yummy sashimi! Especially the Scallop!!

The thinking men. Discussing and debating on where was the exact location of the shop they wanted to bring us to as they couldnt seem to find it after going many rounds!~

Mango Sticky Rice at Fai Sor Kam located at Siam SQ

 With our new love, Baymax!

 Photo and selfie spamming at the Super Cute Hello Kitty House Cafe!
And enjoying our ice coffee in the super cute tumbler with a yumylicious hello kitty cream cake!

Took the BTS back to Central World

The happy men went to collect their tailor made shirts!

 Authentic Mookata Buffet Dinner at Plathong. Super cheap ($8 per pax or so), BUT we all feel that it is not as good as the ones in Singapore!

PARTAYE NIGHT! Booze, Dance, Party at ONYX located at RCA

4th and last day in Bangkok. ALL of us overslept except 三姐 who woke up early and went out to the money changer again alone, and did some last minute shopping alone! Hubby and myself were 2nd to wake up and we head out after washing and packing up for our last minute grabs and shopping at Platinum Mall since its the nearest to us. After which 大姐, 三姐 & 大哥 met up and went out for their last minute grabs and had a light breakfast before we all finally check out of our hotel before we met up at our usual meeting point for the last time and waited for our cab back to the airport and return to Singapore. :(
With all our new passport holders! Soooo pretty right!~ =)

Conclusion: 4d3n is NOT sufficient!! We need to plan next trip again soooooon!!!

Summary of our 4d3n Itinerary includes: Super comfortable Hotel stay at Novotel Bangkok Platinum, SUPER lots of Shopping at Platinum Mall, MBK, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Thai Massages, Lots of Mango Sticky Rice, Roadside stall seafood dinner, Fuji Restaurant Lunch with Super Yummy Scallop Sashimi, T&K seafood dinner that we swore never to eat again, Nourishing Nam Sing Bird Nest to gargle mouth first thing in the morning, Tailormade shirts for the handsome men, Spa for the jiejies, Mouth watering roadside stall Chicken patty, Fresh Pomegranate juice & Thai Ice Milk Tea, Swimming at the hotel 'fake' infinity pool lookalike, Crazy Night of Partying at Onyx RCA, Chillout at the outdoor rooftop Bar9 that is mosquito filled, Authentic Mookata dinner which isnt as nice as the ones in Singapore, Super CUTE Hello Kitty House Cafe and lots of fun, laughter and bonding!

Can't wait for our next trip!! ♡
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