Saturday, September 13, 2014

❤ Lawfully Husband and Wife!

Officially have to tick Married instead of the Single box in forms.
Officially have to add his name as my immediate family record as Spouse!
Officially promoted to Mrs Peh! =)

And so on 9 September 20149.9.14 久久一世), we are now Lawfully Husband and Wife!

We were both really excited and nervous about it that we ended up forgetting many things on that day! Slept late the night before as we were preparing and packing our stuff to bring for our solemnization ceremony as well as for our Staycation (I will blog about this in a separate post) after the ceremony.

Rushed to the Bridal Studio to have my make up and hair done, and got ourselves changed into our gowns and suits, and rush over to the hotel for our ceremony.

Was suppose to reach at 11am to set things up and prepare ourselves, but we ended up reaching only at 11.25am as the make up and hairdo session overrun. By then everyone except the Solemnizer had arrived. Upon reaching I panicked as I was worried the solemnizer would not turn up or forgotten about it. THANK GOD he came exactly on time at 11.30am, and we started the ceremony right away.

Our Solemnization Ceremony is held at Furama Riverfront Singapore, Waterfall Lounge. Everything went well, with some laughters and minor hiccups as le husband was so nervous he said it wrongly. It should go 'I do' then 'I will' when the solemnizer says the speech, but instead he forgotten about it and said 'I will' both times instead! After which was the exchange of our vows to each other. As our solemnizer wanted it to be more sincere and personalized, he made us prepare our own vows and not share it with each other til the actual day. And so when we both took our piece of paper out everyone laughed. As his was typed on a small slip of paper while mine was printed with huge fonts on a A4 size paper!

But I really like the idea that the vows are written by ourselves and makes it even more special for the both of us! =)

I Will! I Will~!

 Exchanging Our Vows~

After the signing of our marriage certificates, we took photos and headed up to the The Square at Furama Riverfront Singapore Hotel for our buffet lunch. As we didnt have many guest, we didnt see a need to cater our own buffet or meals at our solemnization venue as it would not make sense and its not worth. Therefore we decided to just make reservations at the Restaurant where they make arrangements for us to have a corner of our own seperated from the public to enjoy our own space for our lunch!

Exchanging Wedding Bands~ ❤

 Our First Kiss as Husband and Wife! ❤

 Signing our lives away~ ❤

With Our Solemnizer, Mr Wee
With My Parents-In-Law and Sister-In-Law
With My Parents and Bro

 With Our Parents and the Solemnizer Mr Wee

 Wefie with My Sister-In-Law

 With My Grandma-In-Law!

 With My Parents, Bro, Uncle and Aunt

 With His Friends~

With SinGen

I must really comment on the GOOD service, GOOD arrangements and GOOD food provided by the hotel staff! They are all very professional and it totally made our day so much more pleasant since we were both so busy to take care of all the nitty-gritty stuff! The food at the restaurant is fresh and food as well though I didnt eat much as I was too nervous before that and my gown was simply tied tooooo tight that not much food can flow down!! And most importantly, the place was really nicely decorated and it was exactly what I wanted and had in mind, my ideal solemnization ceremony setting!! So I'm really really Happy about it!!

Lovely Glorious Food!! And my Fave Section! Sashimi and Sushi!! Yummy!!

A Toast to Celebrate The Union of Two Families Into 1 BIG Family!

Toast to more Happy Days ahead!! Thanks Everyone for your blessings!!

With Bestie Darren and Karen Stella! Thanks for taking time off to rush down and attend our special day

With Sweet Vivian who specially took leave to attend! Thanks dear!

With My Besties, Darren, Karen Stella and SinGen

With his friends, Desmond, BaoQiang and Fiona

With my Sweet Sister-in-law!

Special THANKS also goes out to OUR LOVELY PARENTS for helping out in every aspects and making this day so lovely and stress-free for us!

Thanks to My Brother, Jing for helping out to be my 2nd back up photographer, and My Sister-In-Law, Pearlyn for helping to video the ceremony for us!

Thanks to our Photographer, Gabriel Huang ( ) for helping out and taking such nice photos for us and capturing all those precious moments for us!! Really awesome photos and we totally love it! Thanks for also giving us the photos so quickly as we were really excited to see them! Appreciate the help!

Thanks to our Solemnizer, Mr Wee Pang Kiat, for being so kind, nice and friendly and made our ceremony so much more lively, lovely and memorable. Thanks also for all the advices and pre-wedding counseling session which had helped us improve our relationship even more!

Thanks to all our Lovely Friends, namely, Vivian Chia, SinGen, Darren, Karen Stella, BaoQiang, Fiona, Daniel, Qiqi and Desmond for taking leave, or time off, or your precious sleeping time to attend our solemnization ceremony and having lunch with us!

Thanks to everyone who had given us your blessings and well wishes either in person or through our Facebook!!

Last but not least, THANKS to my Dearest HUSBAND for everything!! Thanks for loving me and accepting me for who I am! Thanks for making me your WIFE and promoting me to MRS PEH! ❤

Appreciate everything!! THANKS EVERYONE!! ❤❤❤

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