Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wedding Banquet & Solemnization Venue Finalized!

After much comparison of the package and strong recommendations from my friend, we decided to make a trip down to have a look at the place and have a discussion with the senior catering manager. And so I made an appointment with him and today we went down with his parents to meet the Senior Catering Manager at Furama Riverfont Hotel, Singapore. He brought us around to see the 2 ballrooms, Venus Ballroom and Mercury Ballroom as we had told him our total number of tables, and these are the 2 ballrooms that would fit our requirements.

Our estimated number of tables: 34-37 tables.

We were first brought to see the Mercury Ballroom. 25minimum and 34maximum tables.
Pros: The thing we like about this ballroom is that it is next to the swimming pool and we could use both the swimming pool area as well as the indoor foyer area for the cocktail reception. On top of that the ballroom surrounding is really pretty as we can see the swimming pool as well as the greeneries on the outside since it is surround by glass panels instead of concrete walls. And it’s the only ballroom on the level 5 where the lifts opens and you’ve reach the place.
Cons: BUT the thing we didn’t like about this ballroom is its low ceiling as well as the 6 pillars within the ballroom that makes the ballroom looks cramp, small and congested. Also because of the pillars, some tables may be blocked and not be able to see the front stage. And of cause without saying, it does not look as grand.

Then we were brought to see the Venus Ballroom: 36minimum and 55maximum tables.
Pros: The moment we step in the ballroom, the feeling was very different as compared to the earlier Mercury ballroom. Firstly, the ceiling was high with nice chandelier lightings that makes it looks grand. On top of that there were no pillars within the ballroom to make it look cramp and it was just a open ballroom which will not have any blindspots to block any tables from the front stage. And obviously the ballroom was bigger and more spacious considering the number of tables that can fit in.
Cons: The cocktail reception area is not as pretty as the Mercury ballroom as there is no swimming pool. It’s just a normal standard hotel corridor cocktail reception area. Plus the surrounding is with concrete walls so no nice scenery. And its on the 3rd level so it is pretty much a common area and there is another ballroom (Jupiter – much smaller ballroom 20minimum and 25 maximum tables) on the same level which means the cocktail area may be cramp with guest attending another event (if any) on the same day and time at the other ballroom)

We were also shown the full range of their wedding favors as well as their wedding invitation cards which is updated from time to time and they are really pretty and there is many varieties. Also, he showed us some sample photos of the wedding themes that they have, and this will also be updated from time to time, so we can decide on the wedding theme and decors closer to our wedding day.

Lastly we were brought to see their Waterfall Lounge where we can hold our solemnization and he is really nice to give us a nice package to have our solemnization held there! Yay for us as we can save our trouble and time to look for a solemnization wedding, and its also within our budget and requirements.
Pros: I really like the place when I first saw it online on their website as there is a waterfall on the exterior of the place and the lounge is covered with glass so we can have a nice backdrop and scenery of the waterfall and greeneries which was part of what I wanted as I wanted a outdoor place with initially. As this place is indoors, we need not worry about rain or shine on the actual day since it is difficult to predict the weather. If it rains, the whole event would not look good as everyone may have to carry an umbrella or worse if there is a storm with heavy rain we may not even be able to have it held outdoors. If the weather is too hot and sun is shining too brightly, everyone may be sweating, and it would not be comfortable for our guest and most importantly for us since we have to be dressed nicely. And the worse would be my make up MELTING! Haha!
Cons: Honestly it was not exactly what I had in mind as per my previous post. As I had initially wanted it outdoors by the beach/sea, the poolside, or even the park. But after much consideration, I decided to do without my dreamy fairytale like wedding, as it is honestly not very practical in Singapore!
After walking around and having a look at all the ballrooms and lounge, and also the function room which we will be using for our tea ceremony, we sat down to have a discussion. The senior catering manager is really nice and helpful. He served us drinks on the house for our discussion, and answered all our enquiries. We then proceeded to negotiate the package and he is really nice to add on some stuff for us which would give us a peace of mind on our actual day as we will have less things to worry about and the package is pretty much comprehensive as to our requirements. =)

And so we decided to pay the deposit on the spot and confirm the ballroom for our wedding banquet and ROM solemnization. =)

Details as below:
Wedding Banquet Venue: Furama Riverfront Venus Ballroom
Solemnization Venue: Furama Riverfront Waterfall Lounge

Another 2 thing in our checklist done! Meanwhile looking forward to our big day!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmine,

Happen to chance by your blog. I'm also holding my wedding banquet at Furama Riverfront in 2015, wonder if you can share with me what are the additional perks they offer you?

As our package are standard perks without any additional perks offered by the sales person.

Thank you!

Yuriko said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'll need to check, we can probably discuss more privately to be fair to the hotel. Email me, :)

Anonymous said...


i chanced upon ur blog too! Will be holdintg my wedding next yr at Furama. I'm keen to know what they offered u too. Have alrdy emailed u. TIA =)

Anonymous said...

hey just happen to read your post. can advise how u neg and what they offer as I about to arrange there too.

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