Friday, March 28, 2014

Huge Milestones of Our Relationship

Its gonna be close to a year now since we officially became a couple. Some may feel that we are taking things a little too fast. But considering our age, knowing what we want in life, and having common plans and goals, we both feel we are moving in a healthy pace. Before we officially got together, while we were just dating, we talked a lot. Sharing our goals in life, talking about the future, we felt we were made for each other. Thus almost immediately after we got together, we applied for the upcoming BTO and introduced each other to both our parents. Of course nothing is totally perfect and smooth sailing. We were both moving on from our last relationships, and there are always bound to be some differences no matter how loving we can be. But I’m glad the both of us were able to talk things out, accommodate each other, and still held on, stay strong and love each other. Til date we still have small quarrels now and then, but I believe our love is still strong and we will cross each hurdle ahead of us together.

Looking around at friends, and reflecting on my past relationships, I must say, being together or dating for a long period of time doesn't guarantee that you will get married to each other and live together for the rest of your lives. There could be reasons for not getting married even after dating for more than 2 years, especially when you are at a certain age. And these reasons could also be why the couple will end up breaking up. And vice versa, being together for a short period of time doesn’t mean we cant be married soon, or we are rushing into a marriage. Ultimately if both of you feel you are meant to be, and both have common goals, and views in life, honeymoon period can be enjoyed even after marriage! In fact I feel it is better this way as there is still spice and sparks in your love life even after marriage, and you will have more things to look forward to!

I guess being in a couple of relationships does help in narrowing down and making one realize what they really want in life, and what they want in their other half. After trials and errors, and mistakes learnt along the way, 1 will grow and be stronger and to have a clearer picture of what 1 would need and want in life to be happy. And to know what you can and cannot live with for the rest of your life. For me, I'm more sure of what I want and what I need after past failures. And I know what to look out for and what I can tolerate and what I cant.

Anyway I'm really happy to have found my other half and I'm pretty much sure he's what I am looking for to spend the rest of my life with. I'm also feeling very blissful and blessed with how our relationship is progressing thus far, and the milestones we've both accomplished in our lives.

  1. Application for our love nest (BTO) 
  2. Choosing our desired unit together
  3. Getting his current house keys
  4. Getting acknowledgement and acceptance into his family
  5. Him getting acknowledgement and acceptance into my family
  6. Our parents meet up for a lunch session together to know one another
  7. Bought a Bridal Package for our upcoming Pre-wedding photoshoot, and Wedding actual day.
  8. Finally confirmed a date for our solemnization
  9. Shopping for our wedding bands
  10. Planning for our big day together
  11. Opening of a Joint Savings Account to save money together

We are currently in the midst of planning our wedding. Stay tune for more updates regarding our preparations and big day! =)

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