Monday, March 31, 2014

Journey of Our Wedding Preparation Part 1

Choosing the Dates
From the day we bought our bridal package, we have started with our preparations for our big day. From sourcing for hotel/restaurant to hold our wedding banquet, to a venue to hold out solemnization. Subsequently we were in discussion with our parents to choose a suitable date for both our banquet as well as solemnization. I must say this may sound easy, but it is in fact not as simple.

For us, our solemnization date was easy to choose, as we wanted to have it held on both our birthday month, (our birthdays happen to fall on the same month). And so we decided to have our solemnization done on the 9th Sept 2014. Reason being, 9914 in Chinese sounded like 久久一世 which directly translates to Long Long One Life, in other words, being together for a long long time, for the rest of our lives.

As for our wedding banquet, that’s the part where I’m having a headache. Having to take into consideration the inauspicious dates, siblings exam period, hotel availability, personal/parents date preference. And making sure that we do not offend either side of the family, and have everyone be happy. This alone is now giving me a headache, and our initial chosen date has to be changed, and til now we have yet to finalize on our actual date for our banquet to be held. Our initial chosen date was on 14thMar2015, Saturday. But as it was close to our sibling’s exam period, we were worried it might clash with their exams, especially since there was a possibility that their exams may fall on a Saturday based on past exam records. So we wanted to change it to a Sunday instead to play safe. Initially it was proposed to be changed to a Sunday on the 15thMar2015. But, my mum says that it is not an auspicious date for marriage and was not really for the idea, as she prefers that our wedding be held on an auspicious date for our own good. Not wanting to disappoint either of our parents, we decides to change the date altogether to another date which would make everyone happy. Since it is to be finalized, I’ll update on the actual date for our wedding soon! =)

Daisypath Wedding tickers
Solemnization Date: 9 September 2014
Actual Wedding Date: Midst of discussion. Stay tune to find out!

Preparing the Guestlists
This is indeed another headache. Our INITIAL plan was to have approx 25 tables. But after discussion with both our parents, the numbers that came back became quite shocking. 37 tables. On top of this, you wont even know if they will end up turning up or not. Therefore ideally, we are able to prepare a main guestlist and a back up guestlist. So if the main guest are not able to turn up, you may want to “activate” the back up guest to fill up the tables. But even so, there is still a possibility that your back up may not turn up as well! Or another worry is, what if you forget to invite some people, or if you are not able to invite certain people because your tables are all full, and not able to add more tables due to the hotel’s table capacity constraints. Therefore when deciding hotel, it would be safer to take a hotel that have a higher table capacity in case you need to add more tables. Aside from it being a headache to us, I believe it is also a headache for your parents who have to decide which relatives to invite and which ones they can don’t invite. You’ll understand when its your turn to prepare this!

Choosing Our Solemnization Venue
Everyone have their dream wedding in mind. Especially the ladies. For me, my dream wedding would be by the poolside/beach/yacht/outdoor park or greenery areas. One filled with fresh pretty flowers, balloons and white ribbons/decos. With nice yummy pastries, nice music playing in the background, and most importantly to have all my love ones by my side. Namely my family, my in law family and our close good friends. Knowing its not practical for me to hold such a wedding banquet as Singapore is honestly a very Hot and Humid country, and most people would not like to eat while sweating. Therefore the only chance for me to hold my dream wedding would be to have it done for my solemnization instead! Just a small intimate event with no more than 20people would be perfect =)

But now I’m having a dilemma as to where I should hold my solemnization! With budget constraints and a small group of people, there were not many places that were suitable. After doing a lot of research online, I manage to narrow down to a few choices, which we are still considering before finalization and booking.
  • Flutes at the fort
  • Amara Sanctuary Outdoor Glass Pavillion
  • Capella Hotel Suite / Villa
  • Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa
  • Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort
  • Canopy @ Bishan Park
  • On board a Yacht at ONE°15 Marina Club

Choosing Our Wedding Banquet Venue
This was not too tough a decision to make for us. Reason is because we have budget constraints and we kinda know the location we would like to have our wedding banquet. I didn't really want to hold it at a chinese restaurant either, as both of us agree that it would be nice to have a comfy hotel room to rest in after the whole ceremony considering we would likely be very much worn out! Therefore this alone narrows us down to only a few venues.

Things to consider:
  • Location; Convenience for our 360 guest
  • Budget; We wanted to make sure to spend within our means, and not overspend like the recent couple who spend a bomb and ended up in debts just for a day of extravagance and luxurious ceremony
  • Table capacity; Some hotels are not able to hold too many tables, and so we had to find one that is able to hold at least 30 to 38 tables to be safe
  • Service; Having friends who recently gotten married, we checked with them on the service of their hotels, and judge for ourselves if the service of the hotel is good when we attend their weddings.
  • Appearance; It need not be SUPER GRAND, but at least with nice ambiance, presentable decor and outlook that will make our guest and of course ourselves comfortable
After our research and striking out of those hotel that didnt match our expectations and requirements, here are what we shortlisted:
  • Swissôtel Merchant Court
  • Furama Riverfront

Choosing a Bridal Studio
Honestly for us we didn't really do much research on this. Basically we didn’t look for it either. We happen to be at a wedding fair and were invited to sit down, and we kinda impulsively bought the package. (haha!) I guess it was a blessing in disguise as we have 1 thing less to worry and headache about. Choosing a Bridal studio sometimes really depends on fate. Sometimes going to a popular / branded bridal studio may be a good experience for some, but can also be a bad experience for the unlucky ones. It really depends on the coordinator/photographer/MUA that is servicing you. And it also depends on individual preference. Not 1 pleases all, different people have different expectations and preference.

Basically, here are some things to look out for when choosing a Bridal studio:

  • Budget
  • Location of bridal studio; for convenience sake if you will need to travel a couple of times to the place
  • Photography skills; have a look at their portfolios and sample and see if the kinda of photos they had previously done are what you have in mind as difference photographers have different set of skills, preference and shooting style
  • Gown and Suit selection; Especially for the ladies as we tend to have more expectations when it comes to our ideal/dream wedding gown. Look thru their photos to see if there are any gown that you like or alternatively, make a trip down to the shop to browse through what they have on the rack. For the vain guys, you may also have certain expectations of the kinda of suit you want, do make sure to have a look as well. Not all bridal studios have a wide range of selection for guys suit as they are more focused on the ladies. 
  • What the Package consist; This is something you may need to do abit of research on. Check with your friends who had gotten married and find out what their package consist and how much they paid for it. So you will at least have an idea of what you should have and what you can negotiate for. I have got friends who didn’t check nor negotiate and they end up paying a high price for a package that doesn’t include a lot of things, and she ended up having to top up more money to add the other items that are required but not included.
Our Bridal Studio : Bridal Concept @ 16 A & B Liang Seah Street

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Huge Milestones of Our Relationship

Its gonna be close to a year now since we officially became a couple. Some may feel that we are taking things a little too fast. But considering our age, knowing what we want in life, and having common plans and goals, we both feel we are moving in a healthy pace. Before we officially got together, while we were just dating, we talked a lot. Sharing our goals in life, talking about the future, we felt we were made for each other. Thus almost immediately after we got together, we applied for the upcoming BTO and introduced each other to both our parents. Of course nothing is totally perfect and smooth sailing. We were both moving on from our last relationships, and there are always bound to be some differences no matter how loving we can be. But I’m glad the both of us were able to talk things out, accommodate each other, and still held on, stay strong and love each other. Til date we still have small quarrels now and then, but I believe our love is still strong and we will cross each hurdle ahead of us together.

Looking around at friends, and reflecting on my past relationships, I must say, being together or dating for a long period of time doesn't guarantee that you will get married to each other and live together for the rest of your lives. There could be reasons for not getting married even after dating for more than 2 years, especially when you are at a certain age. And these reasons could also be why the couple will end up breaking up. And vice versa, being together for a short period of time doesn’t mean we cant be married soon, or we are rushing into a marriage. Ultimately if both of you feel you are meant to be, and both have common goals, and views in life, honeymoon period can be enjoyed even after marriage! In fact I feel it is better this way as there is still spice and sparks in your love life even after marriage, and you will have more things to look forward to!

I guess being in a couple of relationships does help in narrowing down and making one realize what they really want in life, and what they want in their other half. After trials and errors, and mistakes learnt along the way, 1 will grow and be stronger and to have a clearer picture of what 1 would need and want in life to be happy. And to know what you can and cannot live with for the rest of your life. For me, I'm more sure of what I want and what I need after past failures. And I know what to look out for and what I can tolerate and what I cant.

Anyway I'm really happy to have found my other half and I'm pretty much sure he's what I am looking for to spend the rest of my life with. I'm also feeling very blissful and blessed with how our relationship is progressing thus far, and the milestones we've both accomplished in our lives.

  1. Application for our love nest (BTO) 
  2. Choosing our desired unit together
  3. Getting his current house keys
  4. Getting acknowledgement and acceptance into his family
  5. Him getting acknowledgement and acceptance into my family
  6. Our parents meet up for a lunch session together to know one another
  7. Bought a Bridal Package for our upcoming Pre-wedding photoshoot, and Wedding actual day.
  8. Finally confirmed a date for our solemnization
  9. Shopping for our wedding bands
  10. Planning for our big day together
  11. Opening of a Joint Savings Account to save money together

We are currently in the midst of planning our wedding. Stay tune for more updates regarding our preparations and big day! =)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Back again after 5 months!!

I’m back! After a hiatus of 5months! Been really busy especially after I started working with a new job. Plus spending the rest of my free time with my boyfriend, I hardly even switch my laptop on. But lately kinda have too much in mind that I’m having insomnia problems again! No place to share or express, and I need a place to keep my thoughts so I don’t need to remember so many things at a time!

Anyway just a quick update of the major events for these 5 months!~

Last Christmas went to have a simple dinner with boyfy and we decided to go to Orchard to join in the crowd and have a feel of the Xmas countdown atmosphere. With party sprays, lightings, and a whole lot of people counting down together!

 My X'mas Pressie from Boyfy! 抱抱 named Bubu!!

 X'mas pressie for us! Couple Speckkie for us from Ownday!

 Bf bought this for me!! Rudolf deco for my car, Lulu! =)

X'mas Countdown at Orchard Road!

New Year Countdown was a little more fun for me, as I went to the Siloso Beach Party again this year! With my Boyfy, my bff Darren and his pretty gf Karen Stella, my bff Renee Vivian, and some other friends like Feline, Jayson, Matthew, Teresa, Denise, and some of their other friends. Without saying, it was a whole lot of FUN!!! This year we didn’t go to the foam section, but rather we spend most time at Azzura in the pool, and the main dance area, with lots of booze, good music, and most importantly awesome companions! J

 My favourite photo of the night! =)

Chinese New Year is pretty much the same every year. Only difference was that my bf went visiting with me this year, and I went with him to his relatives place too. J And we went to our friend Matthew’s place and Charlie’s place for visiting and gathering. And of cuz we went visiting with our precious baby Muffin! J

 CNY Day 1's Selfie!
 CNY Day 1 KTV Session! =)


 CNY Day 2, Out visiting with my bf and precious darling Muffin!

CNY Day 3!

 Gathering at Matthew's place with friends~ (cant seem to find the group photo to upload here), but heres a photo with my dearest BFF, Renee Vivian!

 CNY Gathering with Bf's family and relatives!

 Walking around Chinatown just before CNY commence~

 Reunion dinner with Bf's family and my 1st Lohei for the year!
 Steamboat dinner with Bf, his sister and her friends at home!! =)

1 of the days during CNY!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy 6th Barkday to my Darling Muffin!

Happy 6th Barkday to my Darling Muffin!

This year Muffin Baby celebrates his birthday with his Daddy (my boyfy) and his Grandma & Grandpa (my bf’s family)!! Gotten him a banana flavored paw-shaped cake and all his favourite Muffins, Doughnuts, and treats. And this year, instead of giving him toys, his Daddy decided to buy him a Dog tag!! Finally after 6 years, Muffin have his very own tag with his name on it!

Thanks baby dearest! You’re the sweetest! =)

 Muffin with Grandma & Grandpa!

 Muffin goes out~ He looks so happy so have his face and fur messed up by the wind~ =)

Muffin's new tag! Paw shaped and in Pink! So pretty! Hehe! =)
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