Friday, October 25, 2013

[Super Overdued Post] Short Getaway to Genting!

Was looking through some old photos and realize I forgotten to blog about my short getaway to Genting earlier this year! Didnt want to miss blogging about this as it is something I would like to remember and keep in my memoirs before I totally forget about it! =) I wont be too wordy, rather I'll be posting photos with captions! =)

Mega Eurodance Party 7 at Club Avatar!!

Backdated Post!! A throwback of a very fun event I went to a couple of months back!! Mega Eurodance Party 7 at Club Avatar on the 8th August 2013. The next similar event Mega Eurodance Party 8 will be held next Friday, 1st November 2013 at Club Avatar!! I should be heading down again if there is no last minute changes!! Looking forward! Looking back at these photos makes me really excited to attend the upcoming event! And the Happy thing is, my boyfriend will be joining me for this upcoming event! Yay~ I sooooo wanna see him dance and shake his booty! LOL! =)

With my babes waiting in line to get into the club!


Booze booze booze and more booze~ 

 With my BFF, Vivian! Thanks for taking care of me throughout the night! Love ya!!

 Bumped into a long time buddy, YC! Glad to see ya there~ And though we known each other for so long, this is our first ever photo together! =)

 Crazy fun with a crazy bunch of people! =)

 With Zhiwei! Thanks also for taking care of me with Vivian!


A whole LOADS of FUN! See ya all at the next partaye!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

♥ Baby's birthday trip to Batam!

Coincidentally both me and boyfriend's birthday are in the same month!! So you could say we are both quite broke for the month! Haha! So we decided to make do with a short getaway trip to Batam since he has a 2 off days!

Before the trip, I decided to give him his birthday pressie n advanced as I didnt want to bring them along with me for the trip in case I lose it!!

♥ First surprise pressie for him! =)

♥ Second surprise pressie is the set of darts for him as per earlier post! =)

And so on the 25th Sept we set off to Batam

♥ my twentysixth birthday!

Yet another year has passed, and its my birthday again on the 14th of September!! Nothing special or spectacular this year, just simple dinner with close friends and love ones. Plus I was sick on my birthday so yea I actually spend my actual day resting at home.

Special thanks goes out to my dearest boyfy for the 2 surprise pressie as well as a surprise bday cake to my doorstep! thanks for bringing me out to celebrate my birthday for a couple of days and making sure my birthday is complete and special! =)

My first surprise birthday present for this year!! 1st surprise birthday present from baby dear!! A Gold pinky ring to replace a much missed pinky ring which went missing 1 year back~ I ♥ it and will definitely treasure it!! :)))

My 2nd surprise birthday pressie this year!! 2nd surprise present from Baby dearest!! Kate Spade Metro Harmony Tote (Medium) in my favourite color PINK!! :))) *happyme!!*

Even if the whole world foresakes you, even if no one remembers, even if no one else have time for you.

Nothing else matters when you know you have an other half who makes sure that your birthday is complete, from a nice dinner together to all the presents you wanted and a surprise birthday cake personal home delivery!! What more can I ask for. 3rd surprise birthday present from bf! Thanks once again my dearest baby!! :)) 

 Simple lunch date at Pizza Hut!

DimSum Supper with his colleagues~

My Loverboy!! Thanks for everything! Appreciate all the effort!! -xoxo- ♥ *hugs&kisses*

 Thanks also to Vivian and Zhiwei for making time to join me and boyfy for my birthday dinner at Compass Point, Seoul Garden where we reminisced our good ol' secondary school days! =)

Random shot taken by boyfy with ma fave Hello Kitty!! =p

Thanks to my sweety Sabrina for the very cute surprise hello kitty pressies!!





Additionally I would like to thank my dear bestie Darren , his beloved gf Karen Stella for the lovely birthday pressie, and also to my good buddy SinGen for the birthday dinner treat as well as the yummylicious birthday waffles and brownie at Dempsey Rd, Ben & Jerry's! I'm thankful to have true friends like you guys to rmbr my birthday every year and celebrating it with me! =)




Thanks to my dearest jiejies, Rain, Jenny and Chloe for the belated but still filled with love dinner treat at The Central, Ma Maison with my favourite escargot!! yums~

Last but not least, Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes! =)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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