Thursday, June 6, 2013

My New Toy & Gadget, Samsung Galaxy S4!!

Been using it for almost a month now, and I totally LOVE it!!

User-friendly, light in weight, big screen, clear and good camera, many free apps, and I can set any song I want as ringtone / alarm tone / message tone! Simply Awesome! Totally NO regrets!

Recommended to all users out there who are thinking of getting a new phone! =)

Both my boyfriend and I migrated over from iPhone together! And we love our new couple phones!! He is not quite a tech-savvy person, but he too felt the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a good phone! We are both happy with our new toy! =)

Farewell to our iPhone(s)! You've served us both well!!~



Joanna Daniels said...

It's so cute to see that you and your boyfriend would always buy phones of the same brand and model. New phones always equal happiness and I can see that it's true with you too! Well, the iPhone is a good phone too. What did you do with them? Did you sell them perhaps? Anyway, congratulations!
Joanna Daniels @

Yuriko said...

HI Joanna Daniels, My apologies for the late reply as I've been busy.

Yea I agree totally! :)

We still keep them as our spare phones right now. :)


Blogger said...

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