Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013

First time attending a car show! Missed the many other events past few years, thus this year I decided I had to go take a look! =)

Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013 is held at Marina Bay Sands! Admission was at $25 per pax! Many many cars but not many pretty race queens~ Only some of the official race queens from Tokyo are really stunning!

Held on 12th April, it happened to be the date I'm suppose to fly to Europe! Was so worried I wouldnt be able to make it! But lady luck was on my side that day! Not only was I able to go since my flight was at night, Baby also happen to have his off day on that day! Yay! And so off we went~ Upon reaching, my Bestie, Darren happen to be there too and he spotted me and called out to me! Got sucha shock when I saw him! Indeed a lucky day! And so off I went to see my favourite cars with both my Bestie and Baby! =)

Darren's gf, Karen, happen to have a special appearance on that day, and 1one of Baby's friend whom is also my secondary sch senior, Mika, is also working there too! So we manage to snap both their photos and get to see them at work! =)

Anyway shall not bore you guys with so much words, below are the photos taken on that day!! =)

 On our way to Marina Square for our lunch before heading to TAS!

 Walking towards MBS, on Helix Bridge!

 We've arrived! Our tickets, chop and Darren preparing his uber camera to snap his pretty gf!

 With my Bestie and Baby, and some of the pretty cars!

 Some of the models. Karen on bottom right, and Baby with Mika on top right!


After all the walking, we got tired and decided to take a bus back to Marina Square instead of walking! Our first bus ride together!! =)

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