Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kelvin Xiong & Adeline YangWen Tying the knot! =)

Knowing them for a couple of years now, its truly a joy to witness and attend this beautiful ceremony of my dear friend's most important day! Hereby congratulating the newly weds!! =) Wishing the both of you a happy blissful marriage ahead!!

Anyway here are some photos taken with my Circle of Trust whom attended this beautiful event with me on the 11/11/12. =) Aside from attending the wedding, it was also a good gathering for us to catch up since we haven't had a gathering for a while now as everyone are pretty busy! Anyway, they tied the knot at Singapore Marriott Hotel. A very beautifully decorated ballroom, though I thought the food was alright only. But the staff were all really polite nice and helpful.=)

One by one my friends around me are all tying the knots. Almost every week I check my facebook, I'll see a friend getting proposed to, or their partners saying yes to their proposals, getting engaged, getting married, wedding dinner invitations. Gosh. Seriously makes me feel old. With a blink of an eye, I'm already at the average age for marriage. When I was younger, I told myself I wanna marry early. But guess things don't always go the way we want it. And somethings are just fated. I hope I wont get married too late though.

At age 17, my then 1 and a half years partner says we'll get engaged after he finish serving the nation. But due to some reasons, we broke up. 

At age 19, I thought I met the man of my life, had really wanted to settle down there and then, but guess we were still young then, and for some reasons when we hit our 1 years 8mths, it ended as well. 

At age 21, I was with another guy whom we had seriously have plans to settle down and get married. We even planned to migrate to Australia together, and was already in the midst of the PR application. But I guess I kinda freaked out then, thought too much about it, and eventually gave up the 2 years plus relationship. Many told me it was truly a waste, but I guess somethings are just meant to be. 

Recently, just hit the age of 25, and I almost applied for BTO to get a house and settle down with my last partner. Almost. We were already checking things out, made lots of plans and all. And again, I decided to let it go. A 3 years relationship, I really wanted to settle down already. Probably just unfated. Probably just me. Probably just not meant to be. Probably I just have marriage-phobia? At the very last min, somehow I will back out.

Honestly counting back, how many years have I wasted? Well no doubt they are beautiful memories, and after each relationship, I'll learn something more about myself, and what I want. Every failure is a lesson to be learn. But I'm really tired now. I wonder when I'll meet the right guy. I too, like every other girls, hope to find a man I love, who loves me as much, get married, settle down and start a family. I honestly envy my friends whom are happily married with a family now. But I know there is nothing to envy about. Guess I'll just have to be a little more patient. Better to marry late to a man worthy than to marry early to the wrong man and regret for life.

Hereby wishing all my dear friends whom are newly wed, getting married, already married with a family,  a blissful life ahead! And to those like me still looking for the right man, wish that we'll all find our other half soon! =)


Janelle Chua said...

hi jasmine,

marriage is a new chapter to begin. dont worry as time goes you will find your mr right. you may find it unexpectedly.

it is the time to work hard and sustain your marriage & family not just love. it is also the time to communicate frequently to your love one and your in law. :)

Yuriko said...

Hi Janelle!

Thanks for the comment! And thanks for the words of encouragement. :)

and yea I do agree, when it comes to marriage, it isnt just about love anymore. many other factors to consider about. :)

Appreciate the input! <3

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