Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kelvin Xiong & Adeline YangWen Tying the knot! =)

Knowing them for a couple of years now, its truly a joy to witness and attend this beautiful ceremony of my dear friend's most important day! Hereby congratulating the newly weds!! =) Wishing the both of you a happy blissful marriage ahead!!

Anyway here are some photos taken with my Circle of Trust whom attended this beautiful event with me on the 11/11/12. =) Aside from attending the wedding, it was also a good gathering for us to catch up since we haven't had a gathering for a while now as everyone are pretty busy! Anyway, they tied the knot at Singapore Marriott Hotel. A very beautifully decorated ballroom, though I thought the food was alright only. But the staff were all really polite nice and helpful.=)

One by one my friends around me are all tying the knots. Almost every week I check my facebook, I'll see a friend getting proposed to, or their partners saying yes to their proposals, getting engaged, getting married, wedding dinner invitations. Gosh. Seriously makes me feel old. With a blink of an eye, I'm already at the average age for marriage. When I was younger, I told myself I wanna marry early. But guess things don't always go the way we want it. And somethings are just fated. I hope I wont get married too late though.

At age 17, my then 1 and a half years partner says we'll get engaged after he finish serving the nation. But due to some reasons, we broke up. 

At age 19, I thought I met the man of my life, had really wanted to settle down there and then, but guess we were still young then, and for some reasons when we hit our 1 years 8mths, it ended as well. 

At age 21, I was with another guy whom we had seriously have plans to settle down and get married. We even planned to migrate to Australia together, and was already in the midst of the PR application. But I guess I kinda freaked out then, thought too much about it, and eventually gave up the 2 years plus relationship. Many told me it was truly a waste, but I guess somethings are just meant to be. 

Recently, just hit the age of 25, and I almost applied for BTO to get a house and settle down with my last partner. Almost. We were already checking things out, made lots of plans and all. And again, I decided to let it go. A 3 years relationship, I really wanted to settle down already. Probably just unfated. Probably just me. Probably just not meant to be. Probably I just have marriage-phobia? At the very last min, somehow I will back out.

Honestly counting back, how many years have I wasted? Well no doubt they are beautiful memories, and after each relationship, I'll learn something more about myself, and what I want. Every failure is a lesson to be learn. But I'm really tired now. I wonder when I'll meet the right guy. I too, like every other girls, hope to find a man I love, who loves me as much, get married, settle down and start a family. I honestly envy my friends whom are happily married with a family now. But I know there is nothing to envy about. Guess I'll just have to be a little more patient. Better to marry late to a man worthy than to marry early to the wrong man and regret for life.

Hereby wishing all my dear friends whom are newly wed, getting married, already married with a family,  a blissful life ahead! And to those like me still looking for the right man, wish that we'll all find our other half soon! =)
放了愛 为了爱。。

郭美美 - 放了爱


放了爱, 为了爱
这不是我, 该怎麼生活


放了爱, 为了爱
这不是我, 该怎麼生活
放了爱, 会明白有种拥有, 叫作放手


放了爱, 为了爱
这不是我, 想要的生活
放了爱, 你会明白
有种拥有, 叫作放手
放了爱, 我放了爱

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finally gotten my iPad!! ♥

Didn't plan for this. Didn't want it initially. Didn't need it initially. That's why all these while it never crossed my mind to get it, and I didn't get it until now. Was told I'll need it for my new job, and so eventually I went to get it!!

And I bought myself a new iPad Hot Pink smart cover and the diamond screen protector! My iPad looks so pretty now! =)) ♥♥♥♥

So far so good though i wish the camera resolution is better. But well lovin' it so far. :)

Time heals all wounds?

It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.

Then again. Time. How long is this 'time'? 1 mth? 3 mths? 6 mths? 1 year? 2 years? Time is a subjective word. Some takes only a day or 2. Some takes forever. Forever is also 'time'.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

关喆 - 想你的夜

关喆 - 想你的夜 



Yet another emo night....

Sigh.... He shared this song with me.... Honestly cant help but feel a tinge of sadness as 3 full years of memories start to flow thru my mind.... tears started to flow.... 
Its been awhile...... more than 3 months have past now..... i gotta stay strong since I made this decision myself.....its for the better.....


Thursday, November 8, 2012

我的歌声里~ ♥

你存在 我深深的脑海里 我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里 ~ =)) 

This is a very sexy song! =)

我的歌声里 - 曲婉婷 (another rendition by 李代沫 which is also very sexy!)

没有一点点防备 也没有一丝顾虑
Mei you yi dian dian fang bei ye mei you yi si gu lue
你就这样出 现在我的世界里 带给我惊喜 情不自已
Ni jiu zhe yang chu xian zai wo de shi jie li dai gei wo jing xi qing bu zi yi
可是你偏又这样 在我不知不觉中
Ke shi ni pian you zhe yang zai wo bu zhi bu jue zhong
悄悄的消失 从我的世界里 没有音讯 剩下的只是回忆
Qiao qiao de xiao shi cong wo de shi jie li mei you yin xun sheng xia de zhi shi hui yi

你存在 我深深的脑海里
Ni cun zai wo shen shen de nao hai li
我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里
Wo de meng li wo de xin li wo de ge sheng li
你存在 我深深的脑海里
Ni cun zai wo shen shen de nao hai li
我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里
Wo de meng li wo de xin li wo de ge sheng li

还记得我们曾经 肩并肩一起走过 那段繁华巷口
Hai ji de wo men ceng jing jian bing jian yi qi zou guo na duan fan hua xiang kou 
尽管你我是陌生人 是过路人
Jiu guan ni wo shi mo sheng ren shi guo lu ren
但彼此还是感觉到了对方的 Dan bi ci hai shi gan jue dao le dui fang de
一个眼神 一个心跳
Yi ge yan shen yi ge xin tiao
一种意想不到的快乐 好像是
Yi chong yi xiang bu dao de kuai le hao xiang shi
一场梦境 命中注定
Yi chang meng jing ming zhong zhu ding

Repeat Chorus

Shi jie da wei he wo men xiang yu
难道是缘分 难道是天意
Nan dao shi yuan fen nan dao shi tian yi

Repeat Chorus

你存在 我深深的脑海里
Ni cun zai wo shen shen de nao hai li
我的梦里 我的心里 我的歌声里
Wo de meng li wo de xin li wo de ge sheng li

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Love My Fate~

Lately this song has been stuck in my head and replaying nonstop in my playlist. Its an old song, but I really love the melody! :) During my KTV session, decided to do my own cover of it! :)

Please pardon the sniffing sound as I was having a flu. And there were some interference as my friend didnt know I was recording this. Anyway its my first attempt, and I did it just for the fun of it. Plus I'm not Cantonese so some pronunciation may not be very clear, and this is a one-attempt recording thus I may have some mistakes in between. Not a professional singer nor one that has been trained. So if you dislike it, you can just close it off. :) haha!

This is my first recording and the first clip I edited  hope you guys would find the lyrics useful! This is done purely for the fun of it! :)

My Love My Fate

歌手:Janice (衛蘭)

My love my fate
You will fade away
I love I hate
I'll miss you always

太美好的東西 會走
還未愛夠了你 怎放手
從來不肯假想 失去你那感受
我這對腳 怎麼走


My love my fate
You will fade away
I love I hate
I'll always be afraid

我要首先講聲 我走
還是愛到你說 請你走
如果講一聲 請照顧我感受


其實再次見你 真需要靠演技

My love my fate
You will fade away

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crazy Night with my 2 lovelies and our 3 towers!

We were suppose to meet up yesterday night to Chillout.  But our supposed 'chillout' night turn out to be a CRAZY night!! 3 girls and 3 towers of beer! you can imagine how high we were! We met up at about 11.30-11.45pm at Orchard Plaza, and made our way to Galaxzy Live Music Entertainment. Drinks after drinks, games after games, awesome music and lovely companion with 2 other crazy girls (Vivian Shufen and Leanne Lijun) including myself, that would be 3 crazy girls, we ended up with 3 towers of beer and got ourselves wasted for the night! I seriously cant rmber what time I left the place, but my guess would be about 4+ or 5am. Haa! I havent got myself wasted for awhile, so this is really hilarious!

Thanks for the awesome night my lovelies!! Lets do this again soon! =)

Anyway such a fun night would go to waste without photos taken in memory of it! So here goes~ =)


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chillout with my buddies ♥ @ Switch by Timbre

As always, our meetings and gatherings are always impromptu and so is lasy night's chillout session at Switch by Timbre. Each of us had our programs to attend to, SinGen was giving tuiton, Qiuhen watching tv at home, Darren had a dinner appt, Annie went for her jog with Stanley, and I was with my mentor, Kevin, having my revision session and dinner at Xin Wang HK Cafe.

At about the same time, we were all done with our stuff and decided to meet up at Switch to chillout after a long tiring stressful day! Had our booze to start off the night, and ordered Pizza for the ones who were hungry~ Its my first time there and I must say I like the place pretty much! The live band is pretty good, the singers has pretty good vocals, and the ambience is nice too! I would say its a good chillout place with your buddies but not the dating sort of place I felt. =)

Food wise, we only tried the pizza, so I couldnt really comment much, plus I only had a little slice of it since I was pretty full. Its average, not the best I've tasted for sure, In fact I thought the one at Timbre was better. =) Booze were all alright, except for the Bulmers Cider which I felt was quite bland and not really fantastic. The Somersby Apple Cider is way much better than that! The live band plays both English and Chinese music which is not very common, since most live bands in Singapore plays English songs. On top of that they'll do some Korean songs as well!

Anyway as always, amidst all the fun, I'll definitely snap photos throughout the night! =)

 Our Booze!! And thats mine Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc!!

 The Pizza~

 With my Bestie, Annie! =)

 My Best Bud and My Bestie!! =)

 With my Best Bud, Darren! =)

 ♥ my buddies! =)

 The Liveband!

 Polaroid ♥ !!

Before ending the night, we realize, they were in couple white!! =)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween at Club Mink 2012!!

Gathered at my place last night to dress up and make up, and head down to Club Mink located at Pan Pacific Hotel to attend the Haunted Mansion Halloween event! =) Its my first time there since I haven't been partying for the longest time! Situated just beside Royal Room, there were already many people in line to go in. Some in costumes, while some of them just dressed prettily. Many Caucasians, hot babes and definitely hunks as well! The club was playing mostly Electro and House, and honestly my group of friends with me werent too excited or thrilled as they were more into R&B and other genre of music. The party officially started at 10, but as we were too caught up with dressing up, we eventually reached at 11. But still the club wasnt too packed at that time. We started off with some drinks, and slowly the music become much more happening, and the place started to be crowded as well! Soon all of us were just busy snapping photos, dancing to the music and just having a whole lot of fun! :)

There were many angels and devils, bumblebee, witches, wonder woman, and even bugs bunny, tweety bird and sylvester the cat was there! Many different costumes, different races and different age of people gathering on the dance floor! =))

I so wanna celebrate Halloween again every other year!! Happy Halloween everyone!! :))

Photos below for your viewing! :))

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