Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Horror Nights 2 @ USS

Havent been attending any Halloween events for the past years, and so this year, since my friend asked me along, I decided why not! Since we're all still, well, considered pretty young, we should go all out to have fun! :)

And so we decided on going to the Halloween Horror Nights 2 events at Universal Studio Singapore! :)

It was a fun filled night yesterday, went with 5 other friends, of which 2 of them I just got to know that day, they were my friend's friend. But I'm glad we went in a bigger group as it was way more fun this way! As the saying goes, the more the merrier! :) Along the way, bumped into many friends whom I've not seen in ages! Overall I would say it was worth going!!

Thank goodness we went on a Sunday, heard the Saturday crowd was quite bad and it rained! Lucky us! Queue weren't as long and no rain! Wish they could extend the time longer though! Felt that the time from 8pm-12mn was quite short!

Attraction Rating: 9/10
Scary Actors, Costumes and Make up: 10/10
Scary Rating: 8/10
Fun Rating: 10/10

Five scare zones and three haunted houses. The bizarre terror of The Puppet Master as he brings together the sinister Doctor Dementia, The Undertaker and The High Priest, Doll Houses, etc.

Anyway here are the highlights and attractions for the event!

  • Destination 1: Dungeon of Damnation (entrance beside Monster Rock Theater) – this the MUST GO and the best haunted house among the three.
  • Proceed to Sci-Fi City via New York Street – experience the Total Lockdown on New York Street, followed by highly recommended but optional ride on Battlestar Galactica Cyclon if the queue is not too long. It is a whole new experience to ride Cyclon at night.
  • Destination 2: Insanitarium  (at Waterworld) – Make a quick pass through Ancient Egypt as there’s nothing very happening there. Drink something before Insanitarium as it is going to be warm in this enclosed outdoor haunted house.
  • Destination 3: Lost World - Ride the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure as the ambiance is so much more realistic at night compared to a day ride. Look for a locker, be prepared to get WET.
  • Proceed back to Ancient Egypt – Time to rest and buy some snacks and drinks from Ancient Egypt and now you can spend. a while exploring Bizarre Bazaar at Ancient Egypt.
  • Destination 4: Death Alley – This haunted house is actually optional, proceed only if you have extra time.
  • Proceed to Total Lockdown or House of Dolls –  As you slowly stroll out of the park. This is actually one of the best time to take pictures as it will be less crowded now and the scare actors roaming the streets will remain on the streets till the park is empty.

Photos below for your viewing!! :))

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