Saturday, September 22, 2012

♥ my twentyfifth (: xoxo ♥

First of all, I want to thank EVERYONE whom had wished me a happy birthday! Appreciate the kind thought! :)

Secondly, I want to thank the people who put in the effort to surprise me and celebrated my birthday with me this year. Truly touched, truly warmed my heart, truly made me a happy girl this year. =)

Finally reach a quarter of a century. How time flies. Aged another year! This year passed in a flash for me, and many stuff have happened, met many nice people as well, and rekindled a few old time friends whom I can regard as my really good friends now. :) Its amazing how some friends whom you are not close with, dont really talk to back in the past, can come back into your life somehow and eventually become your very good friend whom may possibly stay by you for the remaining years of your life. :) I'm thankful firstly to Facebook, for it has truly helped me find many old friends from my past and helped maintain our friendship to date. =)

Anyway back to my birthday! Below are snippets of my birthday celebrations! :)) Thanks to all of you! Love each and everyone of you so much! :) 

 My first bday surprise cake for this year (my all time fave Choco-exotic!), my first Ukelele (present from my lil bro), pressie from my boss Doreen, as well a pressie from my very sweet colleague Alicia. =)

Bday surprise 2d1n stay at Siloso Beach resort with 1 of my fave cake from Awfully choc, a huge pretty balloon and a beautiful bouquet of blue and pink roses. Thanks Nic, truly appreciate everything! All the effort you went through to prepare and make this a successful birthday surprise for me, I am truly thankful. :)

 Chillout and dinner at Timbre@Substation with my all time best buddies, Darren, SinGen and QiuHen! With 2 surprise slices of birthday cakes (as per 1st photo in above collage), some surprise message dedication on the message board! =)

 Bday meal with my beloved Family at Swensons!

 Bday celebration in office, and a pretty Swarovski Hello Kitty necklace from my lovely colleagues! Thanks Doreen, Jerene, Laura, Anishia, Alvin, SuanSuan and Susan!!

Belated Birthday KTV session with my secondary school mates! :) Thanks all!
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