Saturday, May 21, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore!!

Planned 2 mths ahead for this! Finally the day has arrived!

Had slept very late the night before, but still i forced myself up and cabbed down to Harbourfront to meet up with Rain jie and Lester for McBreakfast!!

After our yummylicious breakfast, we rush off to ride the Cable Car towards Sentosa!! Upon arriving me changed to the monorail and alighted at the station to get to Universal Studio Singapore!!

Met up with the rest of my COT (Circle Of Trust - in case some of you may have already forgotten or am unaware, they are my group of really good buddies whom had gone thru alot with me throughout my university days).

Attendees: Rain, Lester, Jenny, WangLi, Mike, Gloria, Alex and Me!

First attraction when we entered, we were welcomed by the Kungfu Panda!! =) And thats where we manage to get our group shot taken! (except Alex who came late and missed it. :( )
Anyway its just way too much to blog here. (Plus im so busy and too tired to really sit down for long to update my blog these days. Please pardon me!) I'll just let my photos do the talking!

 Cable Car Ride! =) With Rain & Lester!

 Universal Studio!
 With the Kungfu Panda!
 Super handsome singer! =D *mesmerized!* LOL! and he was looking my way when i was snapping away! weeeeeeeeeee~

 The conquerors who took the terrifying roller coaster rides~ Human & Cylon! Weeeee~ =)

 Our yummy sumptuous dinner at Singapore Seafood Republic! =)

 Cute Dino Water bottles! Super exp! $20 each!

In summary, it had been an awesome day with my COT and we had already planned to re-visit USS again 1 year later when the Transformer is up! =)
Thanks all who had turned up! It had indeed been an awesome awesome day! =) Loves all~

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