Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My New Toy! Apple iPhone 4 White!

Havent got the time to sit down in front of my laptop to type a proper blog these days. Reason being, i'm busy, tired or simply to lazy to do so. Currently still staying at a rented apartment and thus find it troublesome to plug my laptop in and out, with slow internet speed since im using my iphone internet tethering service. Will try to blog as and when I'm more free. Thanks for your continual support and understanding my lovely readers! =)

Anyway as per my blog title, I've recently gotten a new toy! The much awaited Apple iPhone 4 in WHITE! Its truly a beauty! Thanks to my bf who was really sweet to buy it for me as an advanced anniversary pressie!. =)


This is my 4th consecutive White Mobile Phone! From my White Sony Ericsson W850i, to my White Samsung Omnia, to my previous White iPhone 3GS and now the White iPhone 4! Weeeee! =)


Totally in love with it! =) Thanks dearest!

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