Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy BUT Happy!

Dear all~ I've been sooooooo very busy these days! So much so that i've neglected my blog badly! Work has been busy for me! I've been doing OT (overtime) everyday. Not that i want to, but i've got so much to do, so much to learn, so much to catch up on!

Though im really busy, im actually pretty happy right now. Unlike my past employments, where i had to drag myself to work everyday due to the mundane and boring jobscope or i just simply didnt enjoy what i was doing, im actually fine with my job right now, even though i have to do OT without getting paid. I guess this is mainly because im able to find job satisfaction and feel a sense of achievement. Especially when im able to close positions, share good news with my candidates, see or hear that they are feeling happy and receive lotsa thanks and appreciation from them.

Im happy when people around me are happy! And im glad that im able to help my candidates in their career! =) so very glad i took up this role and chosen this path!

With all these said, you guys should know i dont really have time or energy to go out as much as before! Thus i simply have nothing much to update! Everyday i just go home after work, or simply meet bf for dinner, and attend my salsa lessons on Mondays. Thats about it! Haha!

Thankfully there are weekends!! And its finally FRIDAY! Im in need of my 12hours of beauty sleep and rest!! =p Looking forward to burning some fats tomorrow during my badminton session!! Ate so much for dinner just now with Rain da jie, Jenny and Glenn!! We had fish steamboat after returning our graduation gowns!!

Gonna miss having meals like that with them! Well not that we wont be meeting again, but the frequency would be so much lesser as compared to during our Uni days where we dine together quite frequently! Looking forward to our next gathering and meet up! =)

Anyway gonna rest my eyes for awhile now~ Been staring at the computer screen since 8.30am!! Ciao people! And fret not! I've not forgotten you guys or my blog! Will definitely keep this updated as and when i have something interesting or when i do have free time to do so~ =p

Loves to all~

Yours Truly~ =) Been awhile since i last cam-whored!
Randomness with my bro!! Family day! We were on the way out to Orchard to do some shopping and have our dinner with our parents! =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Love My PINK Lollipop!!

Yes, Lollipop!! Hehe! Its the LG GD580 Lollipop in PINK! Finally bought it just now after ranting to my BF about it for a few weeks!! Haha!!


It's a flip phone! My favorite!! I used to own the Samsung E600C many years back and it was my favourite phone til today! Haha! Spotted this phone while watching the Korean drama "Playful Kiss" and fell in love with it right away! Super nice, stylist and cutesy phone! I especially it cuz it's pink on the outside and white on the inside, and there is a LED light display on the front of the phone which can be customized to whatever you want it to display!! Super pretty!! =)

On top of that the phone's font and theme are all so cutesy!! The phone is also very user friendly!! I initially thought it would be pretty difficult to use and type messages, just as most people thought it would. But turns out we're all so wrong!! It's almost the same as the Nokia phone functions and keypad!

I'm so in LOVE with my new Lollipop right now!! =)

NOPE dont be mistaken, for some of you who may be asking or wondering, im still using my iPhone 3GS, and still loving it!! This Lollipop is just my other new love and its my spare phone as i have another hp line!! my old spare phones either died on me or the keypads are giving me problems, thus this gave me a very good reason to buy my new Lollipop! keke~ =P


*Apologies that my photos arent very clear and defined as i used my iPhone to snap them since my camera is with my bro and he brought it along with him to his backpacking trip at Melbourne! Will try to retake photos again once i get hold of my camera! =)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Graduation Ceremony! ♥


Finally the day had arrived! Its the day of the MDIS, University Of Bradford UK Convocation, and also my official Graduation!!

Woke up very early and prepared. Bf send me over to Raffles City Convention Centre to meet my mates for breakfast at Burger King bfore we head up to the ballroom for registration and put on our graduation gowns! After which we proceeded for the briefing and rehearsal before it was break time and the guest started to pour in. Meanwhile we were busy taking photos and chatting away~

Soon the official ceremony started. It was solemn and grand, and i was feeling pretty nervous about going up to stage to receive my certificate from the chancellor. Kinda worried i would trip over the steps or fall on stage! Haha! But glad everything went smoothly! =)

By this time after i am done with my part, we had to wait for everyone to go up to stage and collect their certs, i was already starting to feel really hungry and my head and body hurts!! Thats because the Mortar Board (Square Hat) and the gown were both really heavy!! *gosh* we've been wearing it since morning 9+am til like 4+pm?? *faints* After everyone are done, it was more speeches followed by a choir musical interlude and the recession and finally the group photo taking! Then it was foodie time! After eating and all, we went to collect our actual certificates before proceeding more for photo taking!!

By this time, i was already feeling pretty drained. Cant wait to get home to wash up and rest!! Didnt know a simple graduation ceremony like this would make me sooooo very tired! Seriously, i cant imagine going through a wedding ceremony!! It probably would be as tiring, or worse! Haa~

Well, anyway, I hereby want to Congratulate each and everyone of you from my class and batch, BMME1 0639A!! We have all done well!! =D hehe! And also i wanna congratulate my darling Rain Da Jie for being the TOP student in the School of Management! So happy for you and proud to have you as my Dajie and a part of my COT!!

Thanks to everyone for all the memorable times we spend together throughout the 3 years! I will always remember all the fun, laughters and hardship we went through together! LOVE to ALL~ and especially to my lovely COT of course!! ♥ =) Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavours!! And please do keep in touch!! =)


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Challenges makes life much more Intertesting!

My new job as a Personnel Consultant had commenced on Monday.
My first Salsa lesson with Rain Da Jie had also commenced on Monday.

Both are new challenges to me as I've not taken up this job scope or role before, and thus it's pretty new to me. And I've always wanted to learn Salsa! Its sucha sensual dance! =)

Well, the Salsa lesson is really FUN! First lesson mainly focus on the footwork! And both me and Da Jie kept laughing throughout the lesson!

As for my new job, i would say so far everything is going smoothly, and my colleagues have been really helpful and nice. Hope i can manage well and learn the ropes fast!! Wish me all the best and do show your support! =p
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