Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winter Wear Shopping~

after work today, met up with Rain Da jie and we head to Centerpoint to shop for her winter wear. headed straight to the shop and we spend quite awhile in it. she bought her jacket, gloves, hat, and etc. and she was so sweet as she decided to buy me a winter jacket too! =) THANKS so much Da Jie! love it and love you to bits! hehe! cant wait to use it on my next trip to a winter country! hehe! =)

pls just focus on the jacket and not my face, i know i look horribly haggard! =(

after which we walked to Heeren in search for food. But nothing looks appetizing to us. and so we head to KFC at 313 for dinner instead. chatted for awhile before i walk her back to Centerpoint where she park her car. took photos there with her before i left. (sadly i dont hv the photos yet, and anyway i look awful in them! dont look photogenic these days due to dark circles and huge eye bags!! lack of sleep as i've been watching my dramas til late at night again. 3am sleep. 7.45am wake up for work. yawns!)

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