Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ups and Downs.

sorry to my lovely readers yet again. i know i've been neglecting my blog again!

been having alot of ups and downs last week thus wasnt exactly in the mood to blog. and on top of that i was kinda busy! i wont be elaborating much on the downs. as usual, i never like to hang up dirty linens nor 'gloomify' my blog! thus most of the time i only blog about happy stuff!

well, just a quick summary as im pretty lazy to go through day by day.

- met up with my lovely Caelyn and went shopping at Bugis! bought myself lotsa stuff again! 1 Wedges, 1 maxi dress, 1 dress, 1 top, 1 vest!
- watched the movie "Old Cow Vs Tender Grass". quite a funny show but not exactly fantastic. Probably cuz i've never really been a big fan of local productions.
- he bought yet another new pair of Wedges for me from Lot 1, D&C!
- he gave me our 1yr anniversary pressie in advanced already! its a 18k white gold diamond ring! nice! =)

so even though i was pretty down the couple of days back, im feeling much better already. from all the pampering, shopping, and pressies! hehe! =)

and for those friends who tried entering my Facebook profile page, you would realize that you are unable to see anything as i've closed my wall, removed my info and removed my photos. On top of that, i've restricted access and even restricted people to search for me, unless you're already in my friend's list.

Dont worry i'm fine, just want to remain low profile on facebook as he doesnt really like me posting too much online nor being a social butterfly. So if you still wanna know if i'm alive and kicking, simply visit this blog of mine! I will still be updating (although not as often)! =)

Looking forward to our 1 yr anniversary, and looking forward to my upcoming Birthday! =) 14 September is the date! so remember to prepare my pressies! LOL! =P

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