Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In need of my Vitamin N!

been sick  these days and thank god im alrdy much better today. felt terrible the past few days! just tt my nose is still blocked and flowing at times. still coughing slightly, but my throat is better now. all thanks to my Vitamin N! hehe! had it the whole night long~

wanna know whats that magical vitamin N? hehe! its my BF! LOL!

anyway since i've neglected my blog for so long, i shall do a quick run thru of my last few days! =)

Friday after work went to Bedok. Bf and his sis went to pick me up from there and we head to ECP for dinner before heading home.

Saturday went for my facial session in the afternoon with Mummy. After which came home to wash up and bathed Muffin and BF came over to pick me up and we went to Anchorvale CC to meet XiaoQiang, Peh and Jonathan for Badminton session! The game was good! Its been a long time since I last exercise of played badminton. So it was really fun! After which we wanted to have dinner at Sunset Grill and Pub, but by the time we reached, it was already closed. So we changed venue and head to Lau Pa Sat instead. Valenz and YanZi came to join us for dinner. After dinner, we head to RWS to catch the semi finals of the worldcup! Uruguay Vs Germany! Gosh lose money again. =( and again I let money slipped thru my fingers! I had filled up the betting sheet, and was about to go buy for bet. Just a few steps slow! By the time I want to walk over to the counter. GOAL~ I was too late. Sigh. =( anyway by the time the game ends and we head home to wash up and slp, it was already in the morning at 5+ to 6am.

Our badminton rackets! =)

the guys in action! playing doubles!

Sunday, woke up in the afternoon and we went to wash his car together. After washing, we went home to wash up and prep, and went to Marina Square to meet a few of his campmates and god sis Kammy. Had our dinner at Hotpot culture. This is where I suddenly don’t feel well. Down with a bad flu and my nose was running badly! After dinner, the few of them left for home, while bf, me, Kammy and Chang continue to hang around there for awhile til the place was almost closing. After which we head to ECP to continue slacking the night thru. Played pool, played some games, catch some bears and we all had the yummy mango snowflake ice! =) at about 2+am, just before the final match of the Worldcup, Holland Vs Spain starts, bf send me home to rest while he went back to ECP to continue the night with the rest and watched the worldcup.

As for Monday, in the morning I woke up and I felt terrible. Feeling feverish, terrible bodyaches, down with bad flu and I had a bad throat and coughing! Sigh, thus I ended up skipping work and rested at home. Slept practically the whole day! Only woke up to eat medicine and food. After which I back to bed. =(

As for yesterday, Tuesday, woke up still feeling drowsy and still having a bad flu, bodyaches, sorethroat and cough. But I had to go to work anyway. While on the way I felt the whole world was spinning around me.At world wasnt too bad cuz im sitted most of the time. During lunch i tried the 'Pi Pa Mi' Herbal drink. gosh its super gross! it felt like drinking the whole bottle of 'pi pa gao' thats diluted with water. -.-" drank only 1/4 the bottle to soothe my throat and i gave up drinking it. So not gonna drink it ever again! After work went straight to bf's place. watched some hk drama, had dinner and went to slp.

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