Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do I have a evil twin?

Recently many people been telling me they saw me at shopping malls. But the fact is, im mostly home, and on those occasions where they mentioned, Im definitely home.

If it’s a friend whom haven’t seen me a long time, they probably mistaken. But if a gd friend could even mistaken, it shows how much resemblance this evil twin has with me!

Sometimes I wonder, will we ever have an evil twin that we don’t know of, not blood related in anyway, miles apart or even decades apart?

Does such things ever happen? Where by 2 people can look so similar but yet not born from the same parents. Sometimes even twins may not look identical. So how could such things really happen?

I’ve no answer to that yet, and I plan to Google search for some scientific explanation if any. So don’t ask me why either, I posted this just to get your mind working and thinking on this lovely cooling Wednesday morning where everyone who needs to wake up early for work or school, would really dread dragging their lazy bones out! Hehe!

And also, I would really love to meet this other girl who looks so much like me! If you do happen to see this, please come forward to say hi next time! Hehe! Or if any of you people know of anyone that really looks almost like me, do let me know too! Hehe! =D

Have an awesome week ahead! =D

Monday, July 26, 2010


Was chatting with a friend on the topic, Fake. And here's my 2cents worth on this subject.

Things/Goods can be fake, People can be fake. Everything or Everyone around us could be fake.

She mentioned to me about this ‘friend’ who carries a lot of fake branded bags and goods, and claims they are real. Worse of all, she tried selling these fake items to other friends. This clearly shows what kinda person she is. To make things worse, she is fake even as a friend. She acts nice and all in front of my friend. But end up stabbing her in the back.

Another example would be something that happened to me a few years back. Almost similar situation. This girl is really gentle and sweet. Everyone likes her and thinks she is nice. I was one of them who thought she was a worthy friend as well. But alas. Her true colours were out. I was told she stabbed me in the back several times!! Coincidentally, she carries a couple of fake goods too.

This got me thinking, Fake good and fake people, Are they related some how?

Do fake people tend to like buying fake goods? Can we simply judge a person based on their fake goods? Or rather how they flaunt their fake good?

I'm not saying I'm perfect. For all you know, I may be fake as well. And I don’t deny that. Only difference is, when I'm fake, I would make it known to people openly. For some of my closer friends. I believe you know what I mean. I'm mostly straight forward and direct. Its either I like you or I don’t. And i know I've offended many people by being ME. Anyway, that aside, IF or when I have to appear fake, its due to certain reasons or circumstances that requires me to do so.

For example, if you’re a sales person. You may not like the customer, but you’ll have to appear nice in front of them. That’s fake. But its due to circumstances.

Isn't it tiring to be fake all the time? To fake a smile, fake a laughter. Totally exhausting if you ask me. ON top of that, its just a waste of time entertaining people you don't like at all. So y even bother in the first place?

Fake goods, what is there to flaunt and act as if its real? Wouldn't it be more shameful and embarrassing if people realize its a fake? For me, if i cant afford it, i rather just get something nice and brandless. Y bother carrying fake luxury items? Does that make you feel any better? I'm not saying you cant. Its actually ok for people to carry fake items, if they bought it cause it looks nice and the material is good. Totally acceptable. Problem is when these people starts to flaunt it as if it is real when its in fact not? People are not blind. There are many rich people around who can easily differentiate real from fake. So y bother trying so hard to be something you're not?

So do you have many fake people around you? Or are you a fake yourself?

Just some randomness that gets your mind thinking. Nothing in particular. =)

Have a great day people~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Damaging Weekend!

Friday after work, went home and waited for my bro to get home. After which went to have dinner with my family! Dinner was good, and i enjoyed it TTM! After which came home and checked the Toto results~ *sulks* i bought many set of numbers and quite a few sets only strike 3numbers! which is insufficient to win anything at all~ Sigh~ My dreams of winning the 8.3million was dashed! And so were my plans to utilize the money! Haha! Anyway, later at night drove over to bf's place and accompanied him for the night.

Yesterday, Saturday morning went home as he had to go to work, and my parents needed to use the car. Upon reaching home i continue to sleep again and woke up in the afternoon as my mum woke me up to eat. practically lazed around the whole day watching tv. In the evening, went to Expo to meet bf. After which we head back to his place. rested abit before we went out again to meet XiaoQiang and YY for dinner. Had wanted to have dinner at Bugis, but as the place was really packed, we decided to head over to Newton circles instead. Had a whole table full of food again! After dinner, we head over to our usual spot, ECP. Played some games there before we head to have the yummy Taiwanese Snowflake Ice again! Chatted for awhile before XiaoQiang and YY left, while me and bf stayed to play Big Sweet Land. We had planned to collect a few more jackpot points so that we could exchange for prizes! And as planned, we collected 45JPs and exchanged for the PS3 Slim! Well in actual fact its really not worth it! The amount of money we spend could probably buy us 1 and a half of the PS3!! Gosh~ But well, since we already started and step into this trap, we had to think of something we needed and want and get it instead of wasting money getting redundant stuff~ After this, we're definitely gonna stop or at least cut down on such redundancy~

As for Today, woke up in the afternoon, washed up and we head down to Takashimaya~ He went to get another PS3 controller and games, and we went to get ourselves brunch~ And i had initially wanted to get myself a new Agnes B bag! but after shopping around, we just couldnt find anything spectacular which caught our attention. And they didnt carry the one i fancy as its only sold in Japan! =( Had wanted to give up searching for a new bag, and look for it again some other day. But we ended up walking around and head to Burberry!! And 1 of the bag caught both our attention!

Well i dont usually look at Burberry stuff, as im not exactly a huge fan of it. So it was really a very random impulsive buy! Haha! Yes eventually i bought it! Its the Burberry Nova Check Bowling Bag in WHITE! So pretty~ the black one was pretty common, and i didnt exactly like it, and they didnt carry the red. (even if they did i guess i wouldnt want it as im not a big fan of red) Yay as it was the ONLY white bag left on the shelf! We did walk over to the Burberry boutique as well, but it no longer carry any in white! So i was really happy that the only white bag left was the one i like! Hehe! I love anything in White! =) Am a happy girl as always! But again huge damage to my wallet! Haha!


In fact for both bf and i, it was a damaging weekend! =p

At night we went to Parkway as he wanted to buy another game for his PS3, and we bought dinner and bubble tea before he send me home~ =)

Gosh the weekend past in a flash again! I can sense the Monday Blues approaching again~ -.-"

Have a great night everyone! Am gonna be heading to dreamland in awhile~ Weather is pretty cooling now, i wish it rains later when im sleeping! Hehe! =)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In need of my Vitamin N!

been sick  these days and thank god im alrdy much better today. felt terrible the past few days! just tt my nose is still blocked and flowing at times. still coughing slightly, but my throat is better now. all thanks to my Vitamin N! hehe! had it the whole night long~

wanna know whats that magical vitamin N? hehe! its my BF! LOL!

anyway since i've neglected my blog for so long, i shall do a quick run thru of my last few days! =)

Friday after work went to Bedok. Bf and his sis went to pick me up from there and we head to ECP for dinner before heading home.

Saturday went for my facial session in the afternoon with Mummy. After which came home to wash up and bathed Muffin and BF came over to pick me up and we went to Anchorvale CC to meet XiaoQiang, Peh and Jonathan for Badminton session! The game was good! Its been a long time since I last exercise of played badminton. So it was really fun! After which we wanted to have dinner at Sunset Grill and Pub, but by the time we reached, it was already closed. So we changed venue and head to Lau Pa Sat instead. Valenz and YanZi came to join us for dinner. After dinner, we head to RWS to catch the semi finals of the worldcup! Uruguay Vs Germany! Gosh lose money again. =( and again I let money slipped thru my fingers! I had filled up the betting sheet, and was about to go buy for bet. Just a few steps slow! By the time I want to walk over to the counter. GOAL~ I was too late. Sigh. =( anyway by the time the game ends and we head home to wash up and slp, it was already in the morning at 5+ to 6am.

Our badminton rackets! =)

the guys in action! playing doubles!

Sunday, woke up in the afternoon and we went to wash his car together. After washing, we went home to wash up and prep, and went to Marina Square to meet a few of his campmates and god sis Kammy. Had our dinner at Hotpot culture. This is where I suddenly don’t feel well. Down with a bad flu and my nose was running badly! After dinner, the few of them left for home, while bf, me, Kammy and Chang continue to hang around there for awhile til the place was almost closing. After which we head to ECP to continue slacking the night thru. Played pool, played some games, catch some bears and we all had the yummy mango snowflake ice! =) at about 2+am, just before the final match of the Worldcup, Holland Vs Spain starts, bf send me home to rest while he went back to ECP to continue the night with the rest and watched the worldcup.

As for Monday, in the morning I woke up and I felt terrible. Feeling feverish, terrible bodyaches, down with bad flu and I had a bad throat and coughing! Sigh, thus I ended up skipping work and rested at home. Slept practically the whole day! Only woke up to eat medicine and food. After which I back to bed. =(

As for yesterday, Tuesday, woke up still feeling drowsy and still having a bad flu, bodyaches, sorethroat and cough. But I had to go to work anyway. While on the way I felt the whole world was spinning around me.At world wasnt too bad cuz im sitted most of the time. During lunch i tried the 'Pi Pa Mi' Herbal drink. gosh its super gross! it felt like drinking the whole bottle of 'pi pa gao' thats diluted with water. -.-" drank only 1/4 the bottle to soothe my throat and i gave up drinking it. So not gonna drink it ever again! After work went straight to bf's place. watched some hk drama, had dinner and went to slp.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

♥ My New Toy! - Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S


After lamenting about this for the longest time, i finally went to get it for myself!

Totally in ♥ love with it right now. Haha! And i got mine in PINK! My favourite colour! They have it in Full White! And i was hesitating about getting it. But it cost $30 more just because its fully white and considered a special edition! Well, even if not for the price different, i still prefer the one in PINK anyway! =p

Gonna be buying more pretty films! Currently i only bought 1 box of 1 of the Winnie The Pooh collection. Gonna be buying the Doraemon, Mickey and Minnie, Hello Kitty, and more of the Winnie The Pooh collection in other designs! Weeeeee~ =) Will be buying the photo album to keep those pretty poloroid photos soon! =)

Tested out the camera yesterday! And as always, Muffin is my first model for the first photo taken by all my new cameras! =) And guess what, Muffin loves my new toy too!! He was so excited to snap new photos with it! He was smiling happily and looking at the camera ready to snap photos! =) Aww i love my cutie lil boy!

Here's my take on the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S camera!

Well, the camera is nice and cute(and it comes in PINK!, also this is 1 of the reasons y i wanna buy it in the first place) and the photos came out nicely! And it is really easy to use! Plus since its called a instant camera, the photos came out instantly! which is y i like it! no need to send my photos to the shop to be developed! Plus i've always like the poloroid effect!! And there are many cute and pretty different designs of frames for the films! (this is another factor that tempted me to buy it!) =)

The down side is that, although it says MINI, it is in fact still pretty bulky and a lil heavy! (i know its alrdy pretty small compared to some other poloroid cam!) Well, i nv like carrying heavy stuff as it'll hurt my shoulders and back (tts if its in my bag, and im carrying my bag), tt explains y im complaining bout it. Also, since it is a instant camera, i had to make sure every photo is properly aimed and taken, as there is no way to delete the photos and choose which ones i like before it prints out! (a mental prep i had to have in mind before i buy it!). Plus the films are pretty expensive! 1 box is about $14 to $16, and there is only 10pcs per film pack! Which means i had to bring along xtra boxes of films if i intend to bring it out and snap many photos! Other than these downsides, i love everything else about it! Haha! =)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Genting - short and rush weekend getaway!

Genting Weekend Getaway - 2nd to 4th July 2010 - with Bf and friends

My New Adidas bag that was bought on Thursday while shopping at Parkway with bf. Specially for this Genting Trip! Haha! All packed and ready to go! And my lil Scrump tagged along with me! =p

After work on Friday, went home to prepare and bf came over to pick me up from my place back to his place. At 10+pm, his dad send us over to Golden Mile. Met up with YY there while we waited for XiaoQiang, Peh and Valenz. Boarded the bus and we were on our way to Genting!

Our 2nd toilet break stop point at Msia,Yong Ping. And we had our dinner there as well!

As it was way too cold in the bus, I couldn’t really slp at all, end up by the time we reach Genting in the morning I was extremely tired and having a bad headache! When we alighted from the bus, it was about 5+am! And it was super duper cold! We were literally shivering and freezing! Temperature was about 14degree Celsius!

Upon reaching, we went to check-in and went back to the room to place our bags, before we head out to have DimSum for breakfast! After breakfast as it was still early, we went to the arcade as it was the only place that’s open! Played til the Awana Skyway to the Chin Swee Temple was opened, and we head to the temple to pray. After the visit to the temple, we took the shuttle bus back. The girls then head to the room to rest while the guys went to check-in the other 2 rooms. It took them about 1hr plus to 2 hrs as there were tons of people! After they check-in, each of the couple went to their own rooms and we washed up and rest. At about 4+ we met up again and head to Ah Yat Restaurant for our lunch~ Yummy! Food was yummy and we were all very full! After lunch, the guys head to the casino, while we girls went shopping! As the shopping places were pretty limited, we soon finished shopping, and decided to get ice cream, found ourselves a nice spot to sit down to rest our legs, enjoy our ice cream and start our girls talk and gossiping session!~ haha!

Walking towards the restaurant for our Dimsum breakfast!! And thats part of our foodie!

At the arcade~

While waiting for the Awana Skyway, and while onboard and on the way towards ChinSwee Temple~

At ChinSwee Temple. The guys with their huge joss stick, and playing with fire crackers!!

Our late lunch at Ah Yat Restaurant! Yummy! but i forgotten to snap 1 of the dish! The fried rice! 8dishes in total!

Yummylicious Icecream that Me and YY had!

At about 10+pm, we went back to our rooms to put down our shopping bags before we head over to Cloud9 club to meet the guys. We had wanted to catch the Worldcup match of Argentina vs Germany at The Sports Bar beside Cloud9, but it was way too packed and so we head to a café elsewhere to catch the match while having some drinks. Bf and me had Earl Gray tea! Yay! Something warm to warm me up as I was feeling super cold!

the girls~ outside Cloud9 while waiting for the guys!

At the cafe where we watched the worldcup match! Worldcup fever!

The match was terribly played by Argentina, and they eventually lose to Germany by 4-0! Yay to Germany Go Go Goal~ hahaha! But sad for the guys as they lose money~ Oh well, after the match, they went to Mary Brown for dinner, while bf and I went to packet Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut and noodles from Only Mee! Went back to our rooms to wash up and ate our dinner before we head to bed to slp for the night.

On Sunday(yesterday) morning, we woke up at about 10+ to 11. Washed up, packed up and check-out! After that we head to Kenny Rogers for breakfast! Yummy! Another of my favourite foodie~ After eating we continued shopping! Last min some stuff caught our eyes and we quickly rush to buy them before we rush over to check-in for our bus and boarded the bus back to SG.

without fail, i had to have at least 1 narcissistic photo of me myself and I! LOL! and this is the ONLY 1 as well! =p

Bf and Me

Gosh what a rushing trip~

Many things that were planned, were not executed, example visiting the Outdoor Themepark with YY, casino, and more phototaking! This trip, we didn’t even take a group shot together! So sad~ Oh well, im looking forward to our Taiwan and Korea trip which is still in the midst of planning now! =)
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