Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a week!

First of all, i would like to apologize to my readers for the lack of updates last week! Had been too busy, out everyday after work, and sleeping late!

Here are some of the Highlights for last week:

Tuesday 25May2010 – After work trained to Eunos, Dear picked me up and we went to Golden Mile to check out on coaches to get to Genting over the weekends (but ended up every agency we checked up on was already fully booked *sulks*), Had spicy yet very yummy dinner at DianDin Leluk - Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant (this is really pretty good and the food are all authentic! cooked and served by Thai! recommended to Thai Food Lovers!), after dinner we went to ECP to meet Peh, Valenz and XiaoQiang

Our catch for the night!

Wednesday 26May2010 – After work head over to cut my hair at Plaza Singapura Chapter 2, met up with Dear, XiaoQiang and YY  to shop around and bought myself a new iPhone Flip Casing in PINK! (again! haha! i just cant get enough of pink! =p), had our dinner at Ice Station before we caught the movie ‘Once a gangster', which was a total waste of time and money!! Its's one of the worse movie ever produced. Ridiculously nonsensical storyline and plot. First time I felt like walking out of the cinema halfway thru the show. -.-" Oh So NOT recommended! Would ONLY give it 0.5/5 popcorns since Ekin Cheng is acting in it!

My New PINK iPhone Flip Casing! Chosen for my by Dear! =)

Sweety YY and Me taken during dinner!

Our catch from PS arcade!

Thursday 27May2010 – After work, i head to Marina Square and did some shopping while waiting for Dear and his friends, ended up with some damage to my wallet again! After meeting them, we went to have dinner at LongJohn and played some games at the arcade, followed by Prawning at Ponggol, supper at Pasir Ris and back home to wash up abit and waited for his parents to get prepared before we send them off to Changi Airport as they are going on holidays. Ended up sleeping only at 8am on Friday morning!! Awake for more than 24hours!

A Part of my Loots from Sasa! Mainly Eye Cream and Eye mask! some stuff are left at Bf's place, thus forgotten to snap photos of them! =p

Friday 28May2010 – Woke up late as its a public holiday, Vesak Day to be exact! No work!! Yay~ head over to ECP for dinner at the Lagoon with XiaoQiang and Grace, followed by Bear catching, and back to my place to pack my bag, after which back to his place to pack his bag and went to sleep

Part of Our catch from Big Sweet Land! I only took these home~ the rest are gonna be compiles and changed for JP points~

Saturday 29May2010 – Changi Village, Pulau Ubin Trip  – Celestial Resort, Fishing, etc.

Sunday 30May2010 – Back from Pulau Ubin, go to ION, Taka, Paragon, DFS shopping trip, Short touring of Universal Studio and RWS, Laksa Steamboat

Look out for the next post for a detailed entry about my Pulau Ubin Trip and also about my Saturday and Sunday!!

Tired to the max right now. I cant wait for the next long weekend in August!! =D


Mas-Raden said...

thats very nice article, hi from mas raden

Yuriko said...

Hi Mas-Raden! Thanks! =) Glad you enjoyed reading it!

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