Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Sunday with Mickey and Scrump

woke up and bathed Muffin.

lazed around til afternoon went over to PS to join him and his parents for shopping. he bought a couple of stuff, and also bought me my BB cream. after which we went to catch bears again!

and this time round he finally manage to catch me the 2 plushies that i've been eye-ing for a long time!! a Baby Mickey and a Scrump! Been wanting a Scrump for a long time!! But always wasn't able to get it! As its pretty difficult to catch cuz of its size and shape! (yes i know its sold in departmental stores! but i refuse to get it of the shelf as it wouldnt be fun and loses it purpose and i wont treasure it as much!) Scrump is LOVE ♥! Firstly cause i like the colour of it, Pastel Turquoise! (correct me if im wrong. cuz to me it does look turquoise, cuz i do know some people says its green. hmm...but i prefer to know it as turquoise! haha!) Yes, i dont know since when i like that colour alot! (even my toe nails now are painted in Pastel Turquoise!) That aside, its really cute and last but not least cuz its from my favourite cartoon movie, Lilo and Stitch!! i simply love that movie and i love Lilo!! Plus Scrump is a handmade doll by Lilo! haha~ I dont really fancy Stitch as much though, but its also kinda cute nonetheless~ =) Oh and notice that the Baby Mickey is also wearing clothes that is of almost similar colour! weeeeeee~ i LOVE ~ tts y both of them are UBER CUTE~=D


So yay to BF for catching them for me! =) Aint they both CUTE! =D More cuties added to my collection~ weeeeeeeeee~

after which we packet some foodie back home and they watch soccer while i used my laptop and played around with my iPhone. Couldn't watch the TV with them as i forgotten to bring my specs along! *sulks* silly me~

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