Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.


"Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own."

I do agree with this quote and like it alot. But i also wanna add on that, True Love is when the other person also thinks that your happiness is more important than theirs! =)

Well, some people have been asking me, why do i appear like im so scare or afraid of my bf?

In this post i just wanna clarify that I've NOT changed to be a timid gf in love who obeys to everything, including those demands that is unreasonable and ridiculous. I still have my own stand and views in my decisions in life. And I'm still not one that is afraid or scare of my bf. Rather i would say, its a form of Respect.

If there is fear, it wouldnt be love. Love is all about respecting one another.

If you dont respect your other half, how would u expect that they respect you as well?

I did all that i did and make those sacrifices cause i respect him and wants him to be happy. Of cause, he did his part in doing all that he expects of me too. When there is mutual respect and efforts are reciprocated, then there would be true happiness. Thats what love is all about. It takes two hands to clap. Not just one to get it going.

In the past, i tend to make extra efforts in every single thing i did for my ex bfs, but sometimes these extra efforts are pretty one sided. Thus lotsa efforts had to be made to keep the flame going. Eventually i get really tired, gives up, and the flame eventually dies off. And i believe this applies to many out there too.

I always thought that by making extra efforts, the other party would appreciate you more, and love you more. But most of the time, these extra efforts either goes unappreciated, taken granted off, taken advantage of or simply goes down the drain.

One always tells me that when we give, we should not expect anything in return. Of cause i do agree to this. But only to a certain extend. We shouldn't expect for material stuff to be returned. But we should expect some sort of respect and love in return. Cause if these 2 elements aren't returned, wouldn't everything be only one-sided? Love is when both are happily in love with each other, and would give their all just for one another. If even the simple love and respect ain't reciprocated, why force yourselves to be together and make each others life difficult and unhappy?

Anyway, the above is just my 2 cent worth. You people may agree or disagree with whatever i said. Do feel free to comment!! =)

Cheers to all~

Anyway thats me being narcissistic again! =p If you're a close friend or loyal reader of mine, and am observant enough, you'll probably notice something different! Well, I'm in the midst of changing a new parting!! From left to right! thus explains the hair clip on my fringe! =p


pete said...


just happened to browse thru your blog by chance. Was searching for Pulau Ubin pics and somehow i clicked and clicked and got too engrossed with your blogs.

Interesting read. Somehow felt a little connected and i think you're a truly sentimental person.


Yuriko said...

Hi Pete,

Thanks so much for your support and comment! Glad you enjoy reading! =)

Have an awesome day ahead!

Best wishes,
Yuriko Jasmine

Peter Wong said...

Sorry that i took so long to read your reply. Have been travelling too many places.

Just to say hi !

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