Friday, March 12, 2010

Samsung PL150 or Samsung ST550?

was initially intending to get another Canon digicam, cuz i've always preferred Canon, due to its photo quality. but the few newer models, such as the Ixus 120, 130 and 210 doesnt look exactly attractive aside from the wide range of colours, and everyone around me tells me the shape is weird and it doesnt look nice.

and so i was recommended to look at the new Samsung digicam, which has 2-way screens~! had initially planned on getting the Samsung ST550. Til today! i caught sight of a new model~ Samsung PL150.

Its almost similar to the ST550 in terms of specifcations, except that the ST550 has a touch screen LCD, while the PL150 doesnt.

Plus the PL150 doesnt have the Super Macro, and the screen is slightly smaller compared to the ST550. also there is some slight improvement on the PL 150 compared to the ST550, such as the Optical zoom and Megapixels!!

But the PL150 has its special features as well. It has the Couple Shot, Fisheye, vignetting, smart filter and miniature effect, while the older ST550 doesnt! and also the face recognition feature! which i aint too sure if ST550 has the same feature or not.

now having a headache as to which to get, as each has its pros and cons! gosh! this is difficult!! cant i have a best of both worlds in 1 camera!! =(

Saumsung ST550

Samsung PL150

anyone with suggestions or recommendations? do comment ASAP!!

cuz im intending to go to the IT show tomorrow to check it out!!

Thanks all! =)


Queenie said...

I'm getting Samsung PL150 later too. Same situation as you, target ST550 but saw PL150. A more affordable option for me.

Samsung PL150 priced at $399
Samsung ST550 priced at $549

Difference of $150
= less 4GB memory
= less camera skin?
= less 0.5" LCD screen
= less touch screen
= more features
= more shooting mode
= more pixel and zoom

Yuriko said...

Haha yea!! Agree!! I ended up buying the PL150 too!! Hi5!! Hehe! :)

Yuriko said...

Btw.. Thanks for the comment n suggestion!! Hehe! :)

Queenie said...


I bought PL150 for $349 with 2x 8gb memory!

At first the promoter, tell my bf now the price drop to $379 but lucky my bf notice the price on the banner is already slashed to $349! hahaha

btw, how much you got yours and what items they give you?

Yuriko said...

haha! same here!! i gotten mine at $349 with 2 x 8gb memory too!! hehe! what a gd deal indeed! =)

xLyNnEx said...

Hey where you guys get your PL150 at $349 with 2x 8gb mem?? How about the no. of batteries?

Yuriko said...

Hi LyNnE, i got mine at the IT show ya. With 1 Extra battery.

You can probably wait for the next IT/PC show and check it out? They may have better promotions by then.

I think Harvey norman all those selling more expensive. Im not too sure. But you can check it out anyway. :)

xLyNnEx said...

Thanks!! I'll wait till next week for the pc show!! =)

Yuriko said...

welcome =) hope u get it at a gd price!!

Mohd said...

hey Yuriko..Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this into the same confusion as well!!
How do u find the PL150 so far?! do u advise me to buy it?

Yuriko said...

Hi Mohd, my PL150 has done be proud so far! photos turned out pretty well, and i really love the front LCD! =) a worthy buy i would say! =)

Anonymous said...

Here in the UK, I can get the PL150 for £115 and the ST550 for £135. It's only £20 difference so not sure which one I'll go for...

Yuriko said...

Hi Anonymous,

well then it would really depends on your personal preference. If you would prefer a fully touch screen and nicer looking camera, i would suggest you get the ST550. It certainly looks better and the graphics seems better and clearer as well!

But i personally didnt like a fully touch screen one. that explains why i bought the PL150 for myself instead. =)

Both functions are really almost similar =)

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