Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cars, Rims, Workshop.

 these 2 days, yesterday and today, we've been out and about looking for rims, and anything car related!

yesterday, went out for lunch with Bf and his family, after which went to AutoBacs and bought some stuff. Then after, we accompanied XiaoQiang to check out his new car. after which Bf went to change his rim. after which we went to Katong for Bak Kut Teh, followed by going to EastCoastPark to play some games. at night as Bf had to go to his uncle's place, we went back first. after the visit to his uncle's place, we went back to ECP again with Xiao Qiang and played til morning.

the stuff i bought from AutoBacs! RainX and new sunglass holder!

as for today, woke up and met Xiao Qiang again to accompany his to collect his new car, before we head around to look for rims for his new car. after travelling from east to west and west to east, he finally settled for a set of rims and tyres he like and got it changed. after he got it changed, we accompanied him down to Bukit Batok to meet his Gf, YY. had dinner there before we send her back and head home too~ =)

at the car workshop with lotsa tyres and rims!!

his new rims and tyre! looking gd! fits perfectly on his red car with the red linings and bolts!


New Uber CUTE and BIG WinnieThePooh from Dear!! Its super HUGE and SOFT and ultra hugable!!
ME LOVES! ♥ I Hug it to sleep now!! Hehe! =)

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