Sunday, January 17, 2010

busy day~

busy day~

had wanted to bring Muffin to Sentosa to meet his doggy friends to play again~
had wanted to meet Mr N~
had wanted to Bath Muffin~
had wanted to sleep longer~

but~ alas i couldnt do any of the above~

cuz i was too busy helping out my parents with spring cleaning of the storeroom and my room!! gosh, so much to clear!!! faints~

plus i was really tired!! cuz i slept very late last night trying to figure out whats wrong with my lappy! well, i was happily syncing files and songs to my iPhone, midway, my lappy suddenly popped a blue screen with an error message and restarted!! upon restarting, it popped a message with says my comp just recovered from a serious error! -.-"

i didnt think much of it at first, and decided to try again! this time and subsequent time its worst! upon plugging in my iPhone, within a few seconds, the same problem occurred, and my lappy restarted once again! i tried a couple of times before i eventually gave up! tried removing the iTune program (cuz there was a message which says there is some itune files error), tried scanning for virus and spybots, and removing them all, tried anything within my means, still cant!! sigh~

and when i tried it on my bro's lappy, NO problem~ -.-"

think i'll likely reformat my comp when im free and try again~ if still cant means, my lappy or the HDD is definitely damaged! sigh~

my lappy is aging~ and dying soon!!! who wants to sponsor me with a new one! haha!

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